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  1. When I heard about this poor child and family, my heart sank, and the tears began to come to my eyes. I pray for the sweet kiddo, his family and the lady who cut his hair too because they all need it. I couldn’t imagine getting the same response this mother did after seeing her child’s head all cut up like that! I am happily married w/ 4 wonderful chlidren of my own, and my response would have been the same as this mother’s- Shock! I would not be able to respond back to the lady barber right away if I were in her shoes because It would not have been a good or tactful one, I am a christian woman and believe in forgiveness, and mercy as I know this mother does also and that’s great. But no compassion was shown to the child or family after bringing this to her attention! And that is the outgage for me! I am so sorry this happened to you hun, and lil man and wish not any ill will toward her, but she has to pay for what she did- THIS IS A CHILD- and we as parents are their voices, if we don’t speak up for them (Who will).

  2. Amy
    I am interested in talking with you about Thomas Street Health Center-Harris County Hospital District’s HIV/AIDS Clinic. I spoke with you briefly about the people on the street collecting money in the name of HIV when you were in the middle of an expose.
    I would like for the public to know that there are many positive efforts to help those living with HIV.
    There is a Patient Mentor Program @ TSC and it is the Patients that are willing to help their fellow man to allow HIV to live with them.
    If you are interested, please give me a call @ 281-543-2698.

  3. This is with regard to your article “Why Are Retailers Keeping Sales Tax Money?”

    What sales tax returns does your company file and how much does your company support the sales tax base???

    Did you realize that your company clients, in general, are sales exempt on advertising?? How much is that costing the taxpayers??? Nice taxpayer give away. How about your company being structured as a Limited Partnership? Prior to 1/1/07, that structure was used to avoid paying franchise tax. I can only guess that the ownership is something like 99% owned by one subsidiary and the other 1% is owned by another subsidiary. If true, what a great tax avoidance technique. How much did that cost the taxpayers??? Maybe you should look at yourselves first.

    At least at all taxpayers who file timely sales tax reports share prorata in the .5% sales tax rebate as opposed to some taxpayers having the right persons at the right time carving out tax exemptions. I would like to know what you think.

  4. Is there a place you can go to reverse look up phone numbers and get information that doesn’t cost anything? My daughter has been getting texts from a person and She doesn’t know them except having met them on line. I was trying to find out more about this person and see if anything needed to be done about this but can’t find out anything other than the number comes from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Can you help me out? Thank you

  5. Help me please, our house was hit by lighting July 23,2008 did over $40,000.00 worth of damage to the house plus items in the house were destroyed. We were robbed of Thanksgiving and Christmas because of the contractor and the insurance company both!! I have been in the er twice due to this icident with anxiety and my heart. The claim is still not settled out and our was contractor that gave us a 5 year warranty is now out of bussiness. And we are being bounced back and forth between insurance and this bad contractor who is now leaving the state of Texas. We are stuck with a destroyed yard, half the work done, no money to do anything with these people. WE NEED JUSTICE AND HELP TO FIX OUR HOME BACK AND TO GIVE US OUR CHRISTMAS BACK WITH OUR FAMILY AND TO BE PAID MONIES DUE US FOR THE STRESS AND BEING RIPPED OFF AND FOR FUTURE EARNINGS

  6. Amy – can you tell me if there is indeed a legitimate web-site/link to apply for Federal/Govermant Grants? I saw one on Click 2 News email alerts that I get – but I am not sure if it is legitamate on or not.


  7. I have recently had a very bad experience at an NTB store in Katy. I went there to purchase 4 tires and a battery. I had a GPS in the very bottom of my closed console under a mound of other things and inside of a fabric bag. I had left the charger for my cell phone in the dash. They were both stolen by an employee of NTB….a loss of approximately $250. When I spoke with the Service Manager he confirmed that they have experienced other thefts from “past” employees. I then spoke to the store manager only to be told that there wasn’t anything that they could do. Really? If I owned a store and an employee stole something from a customer, I would be sure to do something! Not only is this good customer relations but it is simply the right thing to do. When I asked if their insurance would pay for this I was told that it would not. Be forewarned…..NTB on Grand Parkway in Katy, Texas.

  8. Amy,
    can you tell me if it is legal for convienient stores to charge a sales tax on food items(un-cooked) in their stores. I purchased bread, chips,& crackers in a corner store on 2/23/09, they charged a sales tax. I questioned them about it and they said they could do it,. Out of curosity I went to Fiesta and purchased the same items and a few more ,all food No tax was charged . Can you enlighten me on this or tell me who to contact to find out if this so.

  9. Amy, question is it legal that a dealership; such as Sterling McCall were to have a debit collector start calling me at home leaving threatening messages on my home answering machine? I have take a few business law courses and know of the regulations against this type of act by debit collectors or any business that is claimed to be owed money.

  10. Hi Amy,

    Wanted to let you know about my experience with Office Depot, I purchased a HP Office Jet printer on 05/09/09 for $99.99 + tax and a 3 year warranty for $19.99 + tax, I was told that the warranty is good for repair and replacement if anything goes wrong with the printer, now that I am having problems with the printer (continues paper jam) I am being told that because the printer is still under manufacturer warranty I will have to deal with HP, this was not the impression Office Depot gave at the time of the sale, all I am looking for is an exchange of the printer with same model or of same value as per the warranty can you please help me with this situation



  11. Hello Amy,
    This is an issue maybe you can advise me on.

    Don Mcgill Toyota Houston
    I purchased a 2010 Toyota Camry in July of 2010.
    We purchased the car on a Saturday night. That days was rainy and dark. So we could not really see the defects right away and the car could not be made ready. So they asked to bring the car on another day. When I took the car they cleaned it and made it look good. After the car was cleaned up I noticed there was a scratch on the bumper. So i brought it to their attention. They said to make an appointment so they can buff the bumper. To my surprise they buffed the whole car. Well needless to say the whole car looked bad. There is buffer marks all over now. I brought that to their attention and they asked to take it to them again, I did as they asked. Again the marks did not come off. I took it to them again and they waxed it this time. The car looked really good. After two days of rain, i guess the wax came off that I noticed the buffer marks again. My husband tried to contact them about the issue and they would not return a phone call. Finally Brian Chung a sales manager contacted him and stated that they were not going to do anything about the issue because there was nothing they could do since the car is black. They also said that there was nothing they could really do except maybe paint the car . I don’t want my brand new car painted. My husband asked them to take the car back and give me a new one and they said no. My husband then contacted the Toyota customer service line and explained to them the situation. They said they would try to resolve the problem. When he called the customer service line a week later they said someone from the dealership would call back. No one has called back. He cant even get the GM to call him back. He has left several messages. Can you advise?

  12. Hi Amy.

    I work at Shell FCU and what they are doing to help erase debt and lower high interest rates is awesome. They truly care … check it out.

    Shell FCU’s Operation Erase My Debt is helping people in Harris County reduce their monthly payments by eliminating high interest loans and credit cards.

    Refinancing or consolidating any outstanding debt, and working with the Shell FCU staff to payment schedule that works will leave funds to pay off other debts. Plus, every auto, home equity, mortgage or signature loan opened at Shell FCU with an original balance of at least $5,000, is an entry to a $5,000 quarterly drawing to reduce existing debt.

    Perfect credit is not required. Unlike most lenders, Shell FCU truly cares. To bank at Shell FCU, all you have to do is live or work in Harris County. It’s that easy.

    Visit http://www.OperationErase MyDebt.com for more information and to locate the closest Shell FCU branch. Come experience Banking … But Better!

    Thank you.

  13. Car dealers have come up with a new scam.when you buy
    a new car they add about $1,550 to the msrp.They call it
    protection package which includes nitrogen in your tires.You have to pay for it because the service is already
    perform when you try to buy the car.No choice .Ford and Chevrolet I khnow of are doing it.These car come factory ready.None of this mentioned protection package is needed.
    It should be a custumer choice.

  14. hey, thanks for helping me procrastinate.. i’m supposed to be studying for the bar but instead i’ve spent at least 30 minutes scanning your blog lol

  15. I hope you really look into this scam I believe is going with the city of Houston towing and storage facility at 3549 Almeda Genoa. The phone number is 713-733-4215. My car was towed 4/12/2010. I called the same day and was told it would cost me $187.89 to pick up my car. Please, I would like the police officer that had my car towed in the first place, because I was only out of gas. Today the 13th I was told it would cost me $204.13, but when I go to pick my car up, I was told $254.13. Their explanation was $50.00 was for notification fee. Now I new where my car was, had been communicating with them from the time my car was towed. Now after all this, while picking my car up, I was asked about insurance ans needed a stamp of some sort from my insurance, knowing they closes at 6pm. That means an additional day of storage fee. Towing at $187.89 is very expensive just for towing. Please I need your help and so does many other people if this is truly a scam by employees for the city Houston. Thank you

  16. Dear Amy,
    Isn’t it illegal to tattoo minors in the state of Texas?
    My daughter is 15. 2 weeks ago she went to a sweet 16 birthday party of a friend and came home with a tattoo.
    She said she and several girls ages between 14-16 got tattoos at a man’s house they drove to after the party. He charged $25
    per child. No parental consent for these children. Now I am afraid she may be contracted HIV or hepatitis so I have to take her to see the doctor today. I did not find out about her tattoo till this past Sunday.
    Can you investigate into this matter? There may be dozens of girls as young as 14 got tattoos from this man and may potentially be sharing needles and have diseases.

    Thank you for your investigation

  17. Dear Amy,
    has anyone ever looked into the validation of charges made by the Toll-road authorities? They send me charges for one use in April 2010(valid) and tack on 2 other from Aug 09??
    how can you dispute that!??!!! they are nickel & diming us that add up to Dollars, and there’s nothing we can do about it, in fact, legally we authorized it, b/c if we want to play on the highway, “give us your credit card!!!” otherwise, walk!!

    Great, thanks for giving us this avenue. keep up the good work.

  18. Hello Amy,
    My name is Bo Brown. About 2 years ago I sank my 18ft jet boat in Lake Conroe. Tomake a long story short, I was conned out of $3010. I filed a lawsuit, won a judgement on the guy that was supposed to do the work. However it never was done. If you are interested I coulds go in to more detail. The bottom line is I have since been in contact with several other of his customers in the same boat, no punn intended, as I am. Come to find out this guy has 15 liens filed against him for the same reasons. He would start the work and collect the money and then quit the job. I have contacted the texas attornwey genearls office and they tell me they don’t get invloved in civil matters.

  19. I’m a person tring to do the best he can for he’s family and himeself. When man has paid he’s child support and the Attorney General of the State of Texas sends an order stating I have, which I have. The Attorney General sends a request to reduce my payment then 4 weeks later to send an odrer keep taking money from my paycheck. I’m a man that agree child support must be made, but not to pay for an ex’s luxuries. This Vet is asking for help

  20. hello amy,

    iv’e had a hard time getting to you by phone. my daughter suggested i e-mail you. my problem is with home depot- my nightmare started a year ago–iv’e contacted them–iv’e documented –who,when,date,and times–yes,the fridge is under warranty–yes,they acknowledge and had me go into the store to order the new fridge only to deliver the very one at the store i disliked. also,at the very beginning, i told hiedi,store mgr.,that my wood floor had been ruined
    because of the hose that busted dued to back-up freon
    whichis what the A&E tech. told me-please i know how very busy you are but if at all possible let me know what recourse to take –i’m a single parent with 3 t-agers and my elderly mom lives with me–i’m teacher’s aide–i can’t
    afford attorney-thank you and God bless,vera

  21. Please investigate deceptive business practices of Massage Envy membership packages. Me and my two sisters were duped out of hundreds of dollars with regard to their staff deceptively informing of us one thing while the contract is totally different. Massage Envy, Pearland, TX 77584 deliberately misled all three of us, deducted additional funds from one of my sisters accounts after she paid in cash and full months prior, and refuses to provide us with a a copy of the contract they are stating each of us signed. The Manager has no voice mail, does not return messages, has not replied to our letter, and customer service is poor; to say the least.

  22. Amy,
    Would you please investigate the Hermann Park Manor Retirement Home near Hermann Park at 5600 Chenevert St
    Houston, TX 77004?

    The home has closed now for probably close to a year and is in disrepair, becoming a home for vagrants, becoming a dumping ground of trash, and possibly a place of criminal activity not to mention an eye sore to the community as they are not maintaining the facility at all.

    There is a landscape crew that may come by every 3 months, once the weeds are waist high, to do a clean up, but it is a bad job and does not clean up the area or take care of the folks breaking into the facility-you can see the windows where they are breaking in.

    This is absolutely ridiculous and a hazard in the Museum District/Hermann Park area. I live in the area and really would like to know who is responsible for the facility.

  23. Dear Amy,

    I wanted to know if you could provide me with more information about a company “referred” to as Houston Planned Energy System. Residents at Beechnut Grove Apartment Complex 7511 Beechnut Houston, Tx 77074 receive a monthly water “statement” from this company based not on actually reading a meter, but estimated use for 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. When I called the company directly this morning and spoke to Irene she claimed that the company handled no money at all–they were only responsible for the billing. So then I asked who was the monies paid to for water services since the statement reads that it did not come from the City of Houston—she claimed to not know “what I was talking about.”

    I appreciate any information that you can find out regarding this matter.



  24. Amy,

    I would like an investigation on police cars and how much the tax payer pays for their gas when they take advantage of that. An example would be they go to starbucks or a place to eat and they always leave the car running without them in it. I have seen them hang out and leave the car running for 30 minutes or longer. I think that if tax payers have to pay for the gas, then they should have to watch how much they use like the rest of us. If they were made to do so, this would decrease the spending on gas. Please investigate…


  25. Dear Amy,

    Please tell all your readers not to order this product. It is a scam I ordered the 10 day trial. After 10 days, if you like the product they will bill your credit card $87.13 a month. I understood and read all the fine print. This is what happened. I order the trial on 10/28/2010. My 10 days should have ended November 7. The product did not arrive until Nov. 2 and they billed my credit card before the trial date ended. I have cancelled the order but how to you bill someone before the trial period. I guess I was naive.

  26. Towing cars from Food Arama at Wilcrest and West Belfort. This evening I was told if I parked my car on the wrong side of the parking lot that it would get towed if I shopped at Food Arama after leaving their place of business which is in the same parking lot as Food Arama. I noticed 2 wreckers waiting by a small sign on a light pole. That means that I would have to move my car and park in front of Food Arama only a few feet away from where I was parked. Is this legal? Can anyone put up signs that allows them to tow cars because they aren’t parked in front of the place they are shopping at? Maybe fences are needed to determine if you are parked legally! Who do we complain to when several businesses are in the same parking lot. And who are these wrecker drivers? Who contracted them?

  27. Thanks for the story on the Robo calls. The same thing happened to me. My car was vandelized on the day of the appointment. It was in the driveway and they never showed up for the appointment. They had called about ten times maybe more. They did have my address. It all seemed strage to me.


    Linda Evenson

  28. hey, amy in 2003 I had a warrant in houston for traffic ticket and turned myzelf in and did my time now hpd has the warrant still active and they are tellin me that they cannot find any proof that I was ever in there jail but I was there seen the judge served my time and would like even a little help if you could help that would be great I am tryin to get my life straight and I dont want to go to kail twice for the same ticket warrant

  29. Is this resource still available? We have been rying to find an email address to send some information in hopes of getting some help. I’m sure you get hundreds of calls, and all urgent because it is urgent for the one seeking help. We have a contract issue that pretty much screws the customer and protects the business 100%. Deceptive trades and practices being used to lure people to sign up, once the contract is signed your in for a rollercoaster. There’s several complaints and negative reviews posted online, BBB complaints but the company is till rated an A-. I dont see how, regardless, people shoild be warned about doing business witn Nelson Pools out of Porter, TX. Don’t be fooled by a sales pitch and a company whose been building pools for over 40 years! They don’t build, they contract everything out and they certainly don’t supervise any step of the construction. When the problems come beware as they will hand you off to their suppliers and sub-contractors faster than lightning. This company needs to be exposed and investigated! Pools are not a small investment.

  30. Amy,
    Where would I look to get a complete explanation on the new HOA rules and regulations?
    Thanks for your help.

  31. Amy

    My sister recently was scheduled to move in an apartment on Friday 2/03/2012. When arriving to the office the leasing agent said that the apartment wasn’t ready that the maintenance workers were still doing repairs and also the carpet needed cleaning. So I waited on the keys for her and also because ATT was scheduled to come out the same day for services. I and the ATT rep waited over three hours for the carpet to be cleaned and the door locks to be changed. After receiving the keys we were in the apartment with a maintenance worker who which was doing repairs. I notice in the garage that their where still signs of dog feces and also inside of the home there was a loud spell of deodorizer that was very strong but you can smell urine also. I called my sister and informed her because she had to return to work and also contact the leasing agent and she said they will take care of the matter right away. Both I and the ATT rep agreed that the carpet would need to be changed because of the smell. I left the property and later gave my sister the keys. She had scheduled to go the apartment the next morning to move her things in. The next day we got there and the feces in the garage had not been cleaned up and the smell inside of the home was still presence. We went to the leasing office and the agent told us that the agent should had walk through the unit before giving us the keys. My sister was directed to speak to the apartment manger by phone and which told him that she and her child could not live in that condition and she wanted her money back and to terminate the lease because she would find somewhere else to move do to the situation. And also stated a clause within the lease to him that said that the apartment have to be done on the day of the move unless she was giving a written to verbal notice of a different date. The manager rudely stated that she could not void her lease and he would take care of it on Monday. She told him that the move in date was for the 3rd and he told her to wait until Monday. We left the office and took pictures of the apartment and garage. What can she do? Thanks

  32. When there is Emergency Vehicle behind you at a red light and honking and sirens blaring can I run the light or do I wait until green ?

  33. Dear Amy,
    I have anissue with the ultra body fitness of Sugarland.I had a free session wih a personal trainer when I signed up at fitness connections, the trainer talked us to sign up for a programme in my daughters name utilising her student Id for discount. We were told we would have 1 session a week with the trainer,and they would work out a plan for us to do each day.If we were not satisfied, we could cancel the programme in a month, the initial fee will not be returned, and the rest of the payment will be repaid to us. In the next 3 weeks Iwe had only 1 session, and no plans were given for the daily workout.So we cancelled the programme,The billing company charged us for the 2 months and is still sending bills for full payment, with fine. We had talked with the people at the UBF,and their comment was they have no connection between the billing group.My daughter who is a full time student is still getting bills with Fine, Could you please investigate and see what you can do to help us,
    Thank you,. Mary, April 5th, 2012.

  34. Amy, I have a 2009 Toyota Camry which I keep in excellent condition. I have been patient although frustrated about all the recalls I have had to go in for over the years because of Toyotas negligence but now I have another problem that they refuse to fix. My dashboard is melting and extremely sticky especially in this heat. We can’t touch it or the top layer peels off. My friend put her cell phone down and when she picked it up the phone had sticky dash pieces on it. Toyota won’t replace it even thought it is defective. They want to charge me $1800 to have it replaced. Really! After all I have been through with this car, I have to pay for their stupid decisions. This is my last Toyota. But I would appreciate it if you could bring attention to this issue. I know there are more people out there with this issue.

  35. Jackie- I am doing a story on this issue tomorrow night at 10pm. Sorry you have one of these vehicles!

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