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Cash for Appliances
March 25, 2010

On your Mark.  Get set. Now shop!

Actually… hold your shopping until April 16th; but you can “get set” by registering for your Cash for Appliance rebate on April 5th right here.

How much can you save?

Here are the rebate amounts:

Refrigerators $240    
Freezers $180    
Room Air Conditioners $45    
Clothes Washers $150 or $180    
Dishwashers $110 or $140    
Central Air Conditioners $600 , $800 or $1,000    
Air-Source Heat Pumps $1,200 – $1,600    
Hot Water Heaters $190 – $640

The Toilet Paper Caper Solved- or is it?
March 24, 2010

Last month, we reported on the case of the shrinking toilet paper. KPRC enginner Julie Woellert noticed her “Quilted Northern Soft & Strong” was getting “Soft & Strong & Small.”

She even brought some rolls from home to prove it.

Georgia-Pacific, the company that makes Quilted Northern admitted that it has lopped off half an inch from their rolls, decreasing the width of the roll from 4.5 inches to 4 inches. But what about the third smaller roll? We measured it 3.5 inches.

A Georgia-Pacific spokesperson asked that we send them the roll so their R&D department could have a look. After a few weeks, I called to find out what they discovered.

Spokesperson Anna Umphress told me that the folks at Georgia-Pacific determined that our squatty roll was a fluke. They say a machine chops the individual rolls from one looong roll.  The machine pulls the roll forward four inches and makes a cut.  Umphress said her team believes the machine must have only pulled the roll forward 3.5 inches to make the roll our engineer found.

Georgia-Pacific says only one other customer called with a 3.5 inch roll.

Woellert is still a skeptic. I suspect she’ll be opening all of her toilet paper with a ruler from now on.

“Can you imagine how much money they could save by putting one 3.5 inch roll in every 10th package that comes off the line?” she asked.

Free Starbucks Pastry on Tuesday
March 21, 2010

You do have to buy a drink… but if you print this coupon, you can get a free pastry to go with it. It’s only good for this Tuesday, March 23, 2010.

Operation Price Check #8
March 21, 2010

Time for an update: My undercharges actually exceeded my overcharges since the last post.

If you’re wondering what the heck this is about, go back and read the original post on Dec. 13th.

Overcharged Refunded Time Wasted Undercharged

12/13/09      .10     $1.61          4 minutes

12/18/09       No errors

12/20/09     No errors

12/22/09     No errors

12/26/09     .19                                                    $1.65  (Didn’t request refund of $1.44).

12/30/09    .10  (Didn’t ask for a refund of $1.89.) .31 undercharged

1/1/10            No errors

1/9//10         No errors

1/10/10        $8.18   $27.47     >5 min.      .14 undercharged

1/12/10      No errors

1/13/10       $1.30    $3.29       2 min.

1/16/10        No errors

1/19/10      .20      .89        Less than a min.  Randall’s

1/23/10     .75      3.09         2 minutes

1/26/10    $7.52      $13.54     7 minutes

1/31/10                                      Undercharged $4.86

2/3/10                                       Undercharged .44

2/6/10     $5.30     $14.34       11 minutes

2/14/10   No errors

2/19/10 .98       2.79                 12 minutes

3/3/10   $.1.49   $8.98            4 minutes

3/7/10    No errors

3/14/10                         Undercharged $3.33

3/15/10 No errors

3/20/10   .10   (Didn’t ask for a refund of $1.39)

Well, that’s a first…
March 20, 2010

Finished a couple-hour long shopping trip this afternoon… only to drop my just-purchased top sirloin from the grocery cart in the parking lot… where the back wheel of my cart wheeled right over it. Bummer! That was tomorrow night’s dinner.