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Behind the Scenes
February 14, 2008

Here’s the set-up:
Photographer Jon Hill and I were checking out the home of CenterPoint VP Scott Rozzell. He was hosting a fundraiser for a aNorth Texas Representative and we wanted to scout out a good spot where we could see all of the guests arriving. As we were driving down the street, we noticed 2 very famous people. Check it out:

Apparently the former President and First Lady live on the street over. And no, they didn’t attend the fundraiser.


Beware of Tax Rebate Scam
February 12, 2008

Straight from the Texas Attorney General:

Texans should be aware of a scam that has emerged in connection with the proposed federal economic stimulus package. Under recently passed legislation, the IRS will mail tax rebate checks to eligible Texans over the next few months. President Bush has indicated he will sign the package into law on Wednesday.

Several Texans recently filed complaints with the Office of the Attorney General after receiving unsolicited e-mails and telephone calls from purported IRS agents claiming that the taxpayers are eligible for “Bush refunds.” The scammers demand taxpayers’ Social Security and bank account numbers, claiming the IRS will use the information to directly deposit “rebate checks” into the taxpayers’ accounts.

This is outright identity theft fraud. The IRS does not call or e-mail taxpayers unexpectedly to demand personal information for direct deposits. Taxpayers solicited in this manner should just hang up or delete the e-mail.Texans who have received these bogus solicitations can file a complaint with the IRS at or by calling (800) 829-1040. Consumers also can report such calls to our office.

Sadly, Local 2 Investigates has already received at least 2 calls from folks in our area. One woman who called our tipline says her bank account was drained after she gave out her bank information to a caller who claimed they needed it to deposit her refund into her account.

Hello world!
February 11, 2008

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