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Houston Stores Open on Thanksgiving
November 26, 2014

So you want to go shopping on Thanksgiving? The list of stores opening on Turkey Day may actually be longer than the list of stores that are closed. Here ya go!

Big Lots- Open at 7am

Dollar General- Open at 7am

Radio Shack- Open at 8am

Gander Mountain- Open at 8am

Walgreen’s- Deals start at 8am

Family Dollar- Opens at 8am

Michael’s- Opens at 4pm

Old Navy- Opens at 4pm

Stores Opening at 5pm:

Best Buy

JC Penney


Dick’s Sporting Goods


Toys R Us

Stores Opening at 6pm:

Houston Galleria (Open Thanksgiving from 5pm-9pm. Reopens at 6am Friday).

Houston Premium Outlets (Open 6pm Thanksgiving until 10pm Friday).

WalMart- Always open. Sales start at 6pm.



Sears Appliances & Hardware




Sports Authority

Stores Opening Later on Thanksgiving:

Ulta- Opens at 7pm

Anna’s Linens- Opens at 8pm