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Turkey Imposter Exposed!
November 30, 2007

All Tom Harper wanted for Thanksgiving was a “Honeybaked” turkey; so he called his local Sugar Land store and ordered one. We’ll let Tom pick up the story from here:

“When I got home, I opened the bag, and guess what: No Honeybaked Turkey!!! They had substituted a Zacky farms turkey instead!!! I called the store using the cash register receipt (which had the wrong number on it) and asked what was going on. They said this is just the way it is!! I requested and got my money back, but this is fraud!!!”

We thought the story sounded a little strange, so I called the corporate office of “Honeybaked” to find out why Tom got stuck with a turkey imposter!

Here’s what I learened: “Honeybaked” doesn’t have a farm. It orders all of its hams and turkeys from other meat suppliers. The only thing “Honeybaked” about a ham is the special glaze the company slathers on. The ham is then repackaged with a nice “Honeybaked” logo.

But the spokesperson told me there is NOTHING “honeybaked” about their turkeys. The turkeys are either roasted or smoked; and they all come from suppliers, like “Tyson”, “Carolina Farms” and “Zacky Farms.”

Something to keep in mind next Thanksgiving… and you may save yourself a few bucks by just buying a Tyson bird at the supermarket.


Don’t Squeeze the Charmin!
November 20, 2007

Remember Mr. Whipple?
He died today. Random memory here.. but I just wanted to share. When I was a kid, Mr. Whipple was at the George R. Brown Convention Center making a celebrity appearance. I’ve got a picture with him somewhere.

But the real reason my mom drove me and my two sisters down to the GRB was to meet Kristian Alfonso, aka Hope as in “Bo and Hope” from “Days of Our Lives.” Mr Whipple was just a bonus!
I told you it was random!

How’s this for Access?
November 8, 2007

This letter might look familiar to many of you. It’s what CenterPoint sends out to customers when they say meter readers can’t get access to read their gas and/or electric meters.

Just one problem! Look at the picture below of the customer’s house. Can you spot the gas meter?? Clear as day.. it’s on the left side of the home/ on the right side of this picture.