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July 9, 2007

He looks like a nice guy, right?

Apparently one Katy mom doesn’t think so.

Check out her e-mail to this blog:

HI, I am writing to you because i recently moved to a new community in Katy a block from an Elementary school. It was my surprise to find a Registered Sex offender lives there too (walking distance to the school). His offense was with a 11 year old.
Is there a LAW that Prohibits these individuals from get close or at least to keep certain distance from Places that gather kids???
I tried KISD police,the school principal, Constable office and no one seems to care , much less have an answer for me.The elementary School is Rylander and the subdivision I live in is Katy Creek Ranch.
I will apreciate any info you can give me.

We did some checking and found that Mr. Jermaine Pipkins is free to live where ever he wants.
He got 5 years for sexually assaulting a 14 year-old, but his time was up in 2005. While Pipkin is required to register every year so that this woman and everyone else will know of his previous crime, in just about every other aspect, he is a free man.

It’s a common misconception among Texans that sex offenders are never allowed to live near schools or playgrounds. Here’s how the Texas Department of Public Safety answers the frequently asked question on its website:

Q. Are registered sex offenders allowed to live or go near places frequented by children such as schools and playgrounds?
A. The Texas Sex Offender Registration Program itself does not prohibit registered sex offenders from living or going near places frequented by children. However, Texas probation and parole law requires the imposition of a “child safety zone” on a sex offender placed on community supervision (probation) or released on parole or mandatory supervision if the offender’s victim was a child. A “child safety zone” prohibits sex offenders on community supervision, parole, or mandatory supervision from supervising or participating in any program that includes as participants or recipients persons 17 years of age or younger and that regularly provides athletic, civic, or cultural activities or going in, on, or within a specified distance of a premises where children commonly gather (i.e. schools, day care facilities, or playgrounds). A violation of the “child safety zone” can result in the revocation of a sex offender’s probation or parole and, consequently, incarceration. This “child safety zone” lasts for as long as the sex offender is on community supervision, parole, or mandatory supervision.

Want to find out if there are sex offenders living in your neighborhood?
Log onto the Texas DPS Sex Offender Registry and type in your zip code here: