Duped by a Discount Store

Just a lesson not to assume that just because you find a product at a discount store that you’re getting a good deal…
I recently tried a new hair product I got with a free coupon at Beauty Brands. I liked the “Matrix Thicklift liquid Volumizer” and I was almost out… so when I saw the product at Loehmann’s this weekend, I snatched it up.

It wasn’t until I got home, that I noticed something strange on the price tag. Do you see it?

To add insult to injury, when I looked at the cost of the original bottle (that I got for free) from a non-discount store, I noticed it was less expensive than the bottle I got at Loehmann’s!


One Response

  1. Yes, I found out about those discount store “deals”. You have to compare prices on certain things that just seem too good to be true. I was at Family Dollar recently and saw they were carrying frozen pizzas. I went to see the price and they were the same price as the same pizza at Kroger’s.
    It just goes to show you that if it looks like its too good of a deal, it usually is.

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