What Do Hotels Do With all those Bottles?

On a recent vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico, I was impressed by the Ritz-Carlton labeled water bottles housekeeping replenished in our room everyday.  But after the first day, I was also curious about what they did with all the plastic bottles they cleared out of the guest rooms. Do hotels recycle? Turns out, very few of them do. And a quick call to the Ritz-Carlton in San Juan confirmed they, in fact, do not.

And something else bothered me. I loved how housekeeping folded the toilet paper ends into neat little triangles everytime they cleaned the room; but why did they keep changing out the half-used roll with a new one? What do they do with all those half-used rolls of toilet paper? Do they send them to Motel 8 down the street?

Before Housekeeping

After Housekeeping


3 Responses

  1. I can’t tell you how pleasant it is to have a full-scale toilet paper investigation going-on during your vacation.

  2. If I worked there, I’d ask to take the partial rolls home. Think of how much money you could save! …okay, not much, but some.

  3. The partial rolls are used in the employee rest rooms.

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