AG: “Bally’s Sending Out Bogus Bills”

I remember when I signed a contract at Bally’s (then “President & First Lady”) in high school. About 7 years later, they sent me a bill letting me know my contract hadn’t expired when I thought… and that I still owed a few hundred bucks. I never thought that seemed right. Maybe it wasn’t.

The Texas Attorney General signed an agreement with Bally’s Total Fitness this week where Bally’s says it will refund Texans who were deceived into paying bills they didn’t actually owe.

“Bally operates 24 fitness centers in and around the Dallas, Houston and San Antonio areas. An investigation by the Attorney General’s Office revealed that between summer 2009 and March 2010, Bally mailed more than 11,000 misleading “past due” collection notices to former customers in an attempt to encourage them to rejoin their former gym. The collection notices created the false impression that former members owed Bally outstanding membership fees. The improper notices were actually an attempt to get former members to renew their memberships.”

You can read the full agreement here. If you have had this issue, or think you received a bogus bill from Bally’s you should file a complaint with the AG.


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