Vitamin Water (and some other crap)

One food-health advocacy group is taking Coca-Cola, the maker of Vitamin water to court over what they say is a deceptive name.

“They added vitamins to crap,” says Stephen Gardner, chief litigator for Consumer Science in the Public Interest.

So what did Coca-Cola add besides just vitamins and water? 33 grams of sugar and 125 calories for every 20-ounce bottle.

You can read the full Time Magazine article here.


One Response

  1. LOL, here the people work out to lose their calories and body fat and then they drink something they assume it’s good for their health and wow, there come all the lost calories back because the drink contents lots of sugar.
    But at least Coca Cola made some good profit and lots of sales worldwide. Who cares about the people believing in what the label said?
    But really, let’s think about it a bit more and we could probably name a list many other food items they do not really hold what the label promises and they are not even half as healthy as what they predict to be by the manufacturer’s advertising campaigns.

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