Get A Room… On the Cheap

We all know about Priceline, Travelocity and Orbitz. Here’s a new site to add to your favorites list:

Unlike the other sites, with, you pick where you want to stay.

 It uses both the telephone and the Internet to score you a hotel room deal. Here’s how it works. You look on the website of the hotel where you want to stay. Then go to and compare the rate. Now you call the phone number on and the service representative will tell you a new lower “unpublished” price. You won’t be given the actual price. Instead you will be told what percentage cheaper it is than the published price, something like, “10 to 15 percent below the published rate.” If that sounds like a deal… go ahead and book.

Why do it this way? Hotels like to keep a high “lowest published price” so by not telling you the price; the website is maintaining that “lowest published rate.”

Thanks to consumer reporter Michael Finney of KGO in San Francisco for this information.


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