Operation Price Check #10

Tonight on Local 2 News at 10, I took my running blog post “Operation Price Check” to the air.

Out of 53 grocery shopping trips since Dec. 13, 2009, I have been overcharged 16 times. I was undercharged 4 times.  On 33 trips, I paid the exact price advertised on the store shelf.

If you’re just reading about “Operation Price Check” for the first time… check out the post from December 13th when I started the project. I’m doing this thing for a whole year. At the end, I’ll tell you how much I was overcharged and how much I got back for invoking Kroger’s policy of getting one item free for which I was overcharged. In December, I will donate all of that money to the Houston Food Bank.

Try out “Operation Price Check” at your house… and see how much you save at the grocery store.

Some things I’ve learned since I started the project 7 months ago:

  • It’s easier to get through the checkout line, review your receipt… and then request a refund for any overcharges at the Customer Service Booth.
  • Kroger’s “Scan Right Policy” does not apply to produce, meat or any item that does not have a bar code on it.
  • State laws prevent any store from giving you any tobacco or alcohol items for free.
  • If you pay for your groceries with a credit card, the store will issue your refund by crediting your card.

Overcharged Refunded Time Wasted Undercharged

12/13/09      .10     $1.61          4 minutes

12/18/09       No errors

12/20/09     No errors

12/22/09     No errors

12/26/09     .19                                                    $1.65  (Didn’t request refund of $1.44).

12/30/09    .10  (Didn’t ask for a refund of $1.89.) .31 undercharged

1/1/10            No errors

1/9//10         No errors

1/10/10        $8.18   $27.47     >5 min.      .14 undercharged

1/12/10      No errors

1/13/10       $1.30    $3.29       2 min.

1/16/10        No errors

1/19/10      .20      .89        Less than a min.  Randall’s

1/23/10     .75      3.09         2 minutes

1/26/10    $7.52      $13.54     7 minutes

1/31/10                                      Undercharged $4.86

2/3/10                                       Undercharged .44

2/6/10     $5.30     $14.34       11 minutes

2/14/10   No errors

2/19/10 .98       2.79                 12 minutes

3/3/10   $.1.49   $8.98            4 minutes

3/7/10    No errors

3/14/10                         Undercharged $3.33

3/15/10 No errors

3/20/10   .10   (Didn’t ask for a refund of $1.39)

3/30/10  No errors

4/5/10     No errors

4/8/10     No errors

4/10/10  No errors

4/11/10  .30   (Didn’t ask for refund)

4/13/10   No errors

4/18/10  $2.27   $6.26    20 min.

4/22/10  No errors

4/28/10  No errors

5/2/10  $1.32  $2.90   9 min.

5/3/10   No errors

5/9/10   No errors

5/14/10 $4.10   $4.10

5/18/10  $2.67  $3.97

5/22/10  No errors

5/23/10  No errors

5/25/10  No errors

5/31/10  $4.56  $6.06

6/6/10  No errors

6/7/10  No errors

6/20/10 No errors

6/22/10  No errors

6/24/10  No errors

6/27/10 No errors

6/29/10 No errors

6/30/10 No errors

7/2/10    No errors

7/5/10   $11.18  $11.18


2 Responses

  1. I appreciated your story Thurs. nite about the grocery overcharges. You might want to alert your viewers to another possible problem. As I checked out this year, I received my bagged groceries and my receipt and was surprised by the high dollar total. So, I stood there and studied my receipt. I discovered $80+ of goods charged to me that were not mine. After time spent debating with the checker and then the manager, the manager realized what happened and refunded the overcharge. The previous person who checked out left with the groceries but did not pay and so those charges continued onto my slip. The checker had been talking to a young man and was not paying attention. I suspect this was an intentional scam by the shopper. Warn your shoppers to pay close attention to the first few items they place on the counter and then to check that those show up as the first few items on the receipt. This will help avoid such a scam.

  2. Checking the receipt after shopping is mandatory and has become a habit to me still before I leave the store.
    Too many times I got over charged and as quick as the items get scanned it is impossible to check if always the right price is added on.

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