iPhone4’s Dropped Calls- There’s an app for that!

Tonight at 10, we explained what some customers say is causing their iPhone4 to drop calls in mid-conversation.

Apple, after telling these folks to “just hold the phone differently,” also suggested that customers buy a $30 bumper that covers the antennas that go around the device. You could do that… but if you think you’ve already given Apple enough of your hard-earned money, KPRC Engineer Mike August told me clear packing tape placed right over the black plastic pieces separating the 2 antennas works just as well.

And David Martin who follows and blogs about all things Apple and iPhone-related told me “There’s an app for that!”

You can read his post about the app here.


2 Responses

  1. Hello Amy, my wife and I both have new iPhone 4s. This is my second iPhone the 3G being my first. I had my 3G for the better part of a year and I had continual problems with dropped calls but I put up with it. I have had far better quality with my iPhone 4. I do see some signal bar drop when gripped in certain ways but I never drop calls due to it. I do however have problems with my face interacting with the touchscreen during phone calls. This to me is the real functional problem with the new phone. The problem is that the s deem does not deactivate every time I put the phone to my head for a call. This is a big deal and there are slot more people out there that that are having the same problem. It amazes me that this issue is not in the public light like the obsession people are having watching the bars change when you touch the phone. But with all that said I love this phone and so does my wife. Thanks.

  2. In my opinion it’s a shame Apple throwing a new phone on the market with a simple bug like that. Sounds to me like there wasn’t too much testing done and all the attention was only paid to the software and applications that is supposed to drive people buying the now iPhone.

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