Get the Best Deal on “The Greatest Show on Earth”

The circus is in town!

You can catch a Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus everyday from Wed., July 7th through Sunday, July 25th.

If you’ve got a family of 4, you’ll spend $64 just to get in. The cheapest tickets (if you pay retail) are $16 each; but we’ve found some good deals and discounts if, like me, you believe retail is for suckers.

  • Military Discount: If any member of your family is in the military (active, reserve, National Guard or retired), you can get 50% off weekday tickets or $7 off the price of each ticket on the weekends by presenting your military ID at the box office. Online, just type in promo code “ASY.”
  • Get a coupon from Fiesta: Fiesta is giving our $5 coupons.
  • 25% off Ticketmaster: Just type in promo code “TM25OFF.” Be careful with this one. You’ll save $4 per ticket for the $16 tickets, but TicketMaster adds on a $4.10 “convenience fee.” To avoid convenience fees, buy  your tickets at the box office.
  • Children under 12 mos. old get in free: But don’t just show up and expect to get the deal. You have to sign up for the “Baby’s First Circus” program online.

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