Does it Smell?

Admit it. That’s the test when it comes to milk in your fridge. Does it pass the smell test?

Since it’s just me & my husband in our house, we rarely go through a half gallon of milk before it goes bad.It’s why when I saw the “Best by” date on the “Smart Balance” milk we purchased earlier this month made me do a double take.

I purchased the first carton on June 4th. When I noticed the July 11th “Best by” date, I thought it was just a typo- and that it should have read “June 11th.”  The second carton I purchased the following week had a “Best by” date of July 27th. What is going on?

To find out, I turned to “Smart Balance’s” website for an explanation. Here’s what I found:

“We pasteurize our milks for a short time at Ultra High Temperature (UHT). This process kills more bacteria and gives the product a longer shelf life as long as it remains unopened and refrigerated. Once you open the container, we recommend that you use the milk within 7 days.”

Interesting. So, once I open it, I can’t keep it until July 11th. But I can tell you that it stayed fresh for about 11 days.


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