Save These Phone Numbers!

The following phone numbers and websites are resources I use daily to help consumers with all sorts of problems. Save them and use them!

To file a complaint about a business in our area:
Houston Better Business Bureau

Need info. About your rights as a consumer? These folks will help you resolve issues with Texas businesses.
Contact the Texas Consumer Complaint Center

Texas Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division

Need help settling a dispute with a business or contractor?
Harris County Dispute Resolution Center
(713) 755-8274

Was your car wrongfully towed? File for a tow hearing.

Report Internet Crimes & Scams

Texas Dept. of Insurance
Consumer Helpline

Victim of ID Theft?

To file a complaint about your electric bill:
Texas Public Utility Commission

Auto Dealers Complaints

Auto Mechanics/ Complaints about repairs/ bills

Resources for info. About your rights with Homeowner’s Associations:

Gas Station Pump Complaints

Problems with a Bank?
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Apartment Complex Problems:

Need telemarketers to stop calling?
Texas Do Not Call Registry:

Federal Do Not Call Registry:

Problems with Health Clubs/ Gyms that shut down unexpectedly:
Office of the Secretary of State
Statutory Documents Section
P.O. Box 12887
Austin, Texas 78711-2887
(512) 463-6906

To get medical help, call:

Gateway to Care (713) 783-4616

To report street or road problems, call 311 or go to


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