America’s Most Corrupt Industries

Hey folks, I didn’t pick them… so don’t shoot the messenger!

The list comes from “Transparency International” and “The Daily Beast.”

Drum roll, please…

1) Utilities

2) Wall Street/ Securities

3) Telecommunications

4) Construction

5) Media

6) Mining & Materials

7) Lending/ Traditional Banking

8) Insurance

9) Retail

10) Food, Drink & Tobacco

There are more. To see the rest of the list and why these industries placed where they did, click here.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Amy,

    Good list; I think the towing industry should have been included as well.

    I was illegally towed ob 4/6/10 at 12:30 AM while helping my in-laws move into their new residence. There were no painted or posted signs. I had an expensive camera and video camera that were going to be used to take pictures of the previous property that came up missing as a result of the tow. No one involved in the tow is taking responsibility for the towing fees or the missing property.

    Please help me Amy to get the word out that tow truck drivers must follow Texas Law or they will be taken to court.

    Thank you,


  2. Isn’t it amazing there is hardly no industry that wouldn’t have it’s own corruption scandal?
    It’s just good that at least some of them got uncovered.

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