How to Find & Hire a Reputable Mover

In tonight’s “Ask Amy” segment, we showed you how a Stafford couple ended up in the  middle of two moving companies battling over their business.

David & Claire Spires hired one company, but another showed up first on moving day, claiming to be working on behalf of the other company.

So what should you do to avoid the same runaround?

John Esparza of the Southwest Movers Association says you should check out a mover, even before you ask them for a quote. Who cares if they give a deeply discounted price if it turns out they aren’t registered with the state, they don’t have liability insurance or they have a slew of complaints?

Here is a checklist of things you should research before you hire any mover:

Special thanks to Westar Moving & Storage, a member of the Southwest Movers Association, for helping us out with this story. They let us follow one of their very professional and courteous crews to get some video of a move.


2 Responses

  1. Amy-

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share with your viewers the importance of choosing a professional mover.

    If you are looking to move soon, take the time to educate yourself on your rights and responsibilities above. Just 15 minutes of your time spent now can save you a world of frustration and money.

  2. After seeing this on the news the other night, it made me want to be more careful of who I choose. This information came just in time for my big move The State of Texas Motor Carrier, BBB, and Southwest Movers Association websites were very helpful. THANK YOU FOR THE INFORMATION!

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