Is there a Link Between Fake Purses & Terrorism?

I’ve heard this on several occasions… the claim that money from the sale of counterfeit goods goes to terrorist groups. We couldn’t fit this in our story tonight, but I asked the President of the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition Bob Barchiesi about the link. You can hear his response below:

Check out this column too:
“Terror’s Purse Strings” New York Times August 2007

Can you tell a fake from a real bag? What about shoes or jewelry? Click here to see how well you do.


One Response

  1. I have never purchased counterfit purses; but, this story was unnecessary and not news worthy. I would prefer people purchase counterfit bags rather than steal from the merchants or designer’s selling the real bags. Not to mention stealing someone’s credit card or wasting taxpayer benefits to but items they can’t afford. I am recalling the story from hurricane Katina when an individual spent their FEMA credit card on a $1000.00 Louis Vutton bag at the Galleria.

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