Budget Beauty Secrets

Tonight at 10, we showed you 3 secrets cosmetics companies don’t want you to know about. Click here to read or watch the full story that aired. Our tips are all courtesy of makeup arttist Edward Sanchez. He uses some of these same inexpensive tricks when you sit in his chair at Urban Retreat at River Oaks. So why not skip the cosmetics counter, head to the drug store and save some cash?

Two other tips we couldn’t fit in the broadcast story are actually product recommendations.

If you’ve ever tried airbrush makeup, you know it feels much lighter than regular foundation. Your wallet may feel lighter after you’ve paid for an application or the airbrush gun to put it on yourself. The machines run anywhere from $100 to $800!

But why buy that when for $12.99 you can buy Sally Hansen’s self-contained airbrush foundation in a can?

Sanchez says you shouldn’t spray the product directly onto your face. Spray it in your hands and then rub it on your face. It goes on smooth and light. It seems like this would be perfect in the heat of summer in Houston when heavy makeup just feels like it’s rolling down your cheeks.

You can get this product at Walgreens or CVS; but Sanchez says they sell out quickly because it has become so popular.

I’ll admit I’ve become somewhat of a makeup snob working in TV. The only drugstore line of makeup I purchase is Maybeline eyeliner. (You know the kind in the pink and green tube??). But Sanchez swears CoverGirl’s CG Smoothers makes a great concealer for only $8.99.

“It actually gives you a little bit more coverage,” Sanchez told me. “I like to use this for concealer; and I like to use it for freckles.”


9 Responses

  1. Can you give me a copy of secrets presented tonight?

  2. I missed the beginning of the Newcast regarding the beauty secrets. Could you possibly repeat what they were? I heard something about mixing something with Visine to make an “eyeliner” and a mix to make I believe it was “Lip Gloss” but I didn’t get what the ingredients were.
    Enjoy your Program and try to catch whenever I can.
    Best Regards,

  3. What was the item added to the blusher to make the matching lipstick?

  4. i can’t remember but tip, the eyeliner w/visine, what was added to blush to make lipstick? also what was the 3rd tip? must have missed it.

    good report tks

  5. amy, I saw Mr. Sanchez mixing Visine with eye liner to make it water proof, but I can’t find the article. I thought you might have in on you blog. What’s up? You told us today, 4/13/10 to check out your blog.


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  8. It does seem that you would give all the info that was in the report on your blog. After all, it is not always easy to get to paper and pen to write it down from the program, if you even get to see all of it with family going on around you. Will you please give us the rest of the info from the report? Thanks, love your segment on the program.

  9. can I please get all the info for the money saving tips on beauty. Thanks :0)

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