Comcast Eats Words, Pays Up

I try to get results for you. You know I do. But sometimes businesses just refuse to do the right thing.

Wayne Kuhlman called me last summer when he discovered Comcast put a black mark on his credit report just as he was about to refinance his home. Kuhlman had already received his pre-approved interest rate, but when the lender ran his credit again the day he was set to close, the negative report by Comcast meant he had to pay several thousand dollars at closing to get the low interest rate.

Here’s the short back story:

Kuhlman signed up with Comcast in 2007. He says he never received a watchable signal. He admits Comcast tried to resolve the problem. It sent workers out over several weeks to work on the line, with no luck.  Finally, Kuhlman told Comcast to forget about it. If they couldn’t provide a clear signal; he wasn’t going to continue to pay for the service. He says he cancelled his account by phone and never heard another word  from Comcast… until he went to refinance his home 2 years later.

When Kuhlman called me, he hoped that I would convince Comcast to reimburse him for the months he did pay for service he never received PLUS the amount he had to pay his lender to get the low interest rate he’d earned before Comcast’s negative report besmirched his credit. Oh… he also wanted Comcast to remove the alleged outstanding debt from his credit report.

That was a tall order!  But I tried.

Comcast spokesman Ray Purser sent me an email explaining why there had to be more to Kuhlman’s case than he relayed to me. But the gist of his reply was summed up in the first couple of sentences:

Dear Amy,

Thanks again for bringing Mr. Kuhlman’s situation to my attention. I have researched his issues and based on our records the case is without merit. 

Kuhlman didn’t stop there. He filed against Comcast in Small Claims Court. The result? The judge ruled in Kuhlman’s favor and ordered Comcast to pay $5,087.00.  Comcast sent him the check on December 22, 2009. Who says the little guy never wins?

2 Responses

  1. […] his issues and based on our records the case is without merit,” wrote a Comcast spokesperson to local news investigator Amy Davis. She was looking into the case of Wayne, whose credit was damaged by Comcast just before he was […]

  2. Amy…a cellular company did the same thing to me once and I settled out of court not once, but twice. They had to pay me a nice sum of cash after their second mistake!

    Small Claims court helps that is why we have to work hard to get rid of binding arbitration.

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