SWA’s “Customer of Size” Policy

 You may have heard the story this week about the movie director,Kevin Smith (“Mall Rats,” “Clerks” & “Dogma”), who was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight in Oakland being he was too large. Apparently when the producer tweeted about the embarrassing ordeal, the airline refunded him $100.  Some reports say Smith twisted the airline’s arm with his Tweets to his more than 1.6 million Twitter followers bad-mouthing SWA.

If you buy that, wait til you hear Jon Kruger’s story of Humble.

Kruger wrote me when he returned home from a trip to Vegas. Apparently, he gained weight on the trip because he says he fit in his seat just fine on the leg from Houston  to Las Vegas. No one said anything to him about purchasing an extra seat.  It was while he was waiting in the boarding area for his return trip that a Southwest employee approached

Jon Kruger, when we interviewed him for another story last summer

him and told him that he would have to buy an extra ticket “for the safety and comfort of all the passengers.”  The employee told him it was a full flight. To which Kruger’s wife responded, “If it’s a full flight, what will happen to the other passenger whose seat we’re purchasing?”

Turns out, it was not a full flight. Kruger wrote SWA a letter when he landed, expressing his disappointment with the treatment he received. It wasn’t Twitter, but I’d say Kruger got a better  resolution than the movie director. Southwest refunded the $241.60 Kruger paid for the extra seat AND gave him a voucher for $907.40 (the cost he and his wife paid for their roundtrip tickets to Vegas) to use for future travel on Southwest. 

Folks, it’s why I always say “Write a letter.”  Good job Jon!


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  1. As usual a GREAT job, Amy.
    Thanks for your interest and keep up the great job you are doing.

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