Send your Valentine Lovely Buds, Not Duds

Tonight on KPRC Local 2, we’re showing you what we got when we ordered flowers from 4 of the largest online florists. One of the arrangements I purchased was the “How Sweet It is” bouquet from Teleflora. See the pictures below for what I ordered and then what was delivered:

When I emailed Teleflora to let them know the arrangement delivered was not even the same color scheme as the one on its website, Teleflora offered to credit me 20% ($7.98) what I paid for the flowers.

Fast forward 2 weeks. I called Teleflora to let them know about our story. I received a call on Saturday letting me know that they would like to deliver a new arrangement. (This after I told them about the story).  This is the bouquet that a florist delivered on Saturday:

And a local florist who knew about the story I was working on forwarded me the following email from Teleflora’s President:

With Valentine’s Day orders making a very busy week for everyone, we should remember to be extra vigilant to ensure that all orders match up to customers’ expectations.

It’s quite likely that media outlets will be ordering flowers as part of Valentine’s Day stories and not identifying themselves as print or broadcast reporters. We recently learned of a situation in which the delivered arrangement did not resemble the Teleflora recipe. The flowers were not similar, it arrived late and there were mistakes on the care card. Remember that a situation with this many errors can result in negative PR for the entire floral industry and may impact Teleflora’s willingness and ability to send orders to shops that fail to perform to standard.

Of course, this is one of the most stressful times of the year. We understand that and appreciate all the work you’re already doing. However, please take the extra steps to ensure that we deliver on Teleflora’s commitment to quality products and services.


Shawn Weidmann
Teleflora President

P.O. Box 30130 | Los Angeles, CA | 90030 | 800.421.2815

You’ve probably heard the theory that the best time to eat at a restaurant is just after a health inspector visits and finds a load of violations. The idea is that the restaurant is going to go the extra mile cleaning and getting the place back into compliance. Maybe now is the best time to buy flowers.  We can only hope!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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