SNAP to it!

I spent Friday night at the grand opening of the newly expanded SNAP Spay-Neuter & Animal Wellness Clinic at I-10 & Shepherd.

Me with the SNAP Board of Directors

In case you haven’t heard of SNAP, it’s a non-profit organization whose mission is to prevent the suffering of dogs and cats caused by overpopulation. The non-profit provides free spay and neuter services for dogs and cats. The new clinic and wellness center is in a central location making it easy for pet owners to take their dogs and cats to be spayed, neutered or receive vaccinations. You do have to make an appointment. You can do that by calling (713) 862-8001.

SNAP raises all of it’s own funds… and sometimes they have to get creative to do that.


SNAP's "Donation Dog"

The Lemonade Girls raise money for SNAP

SNAP also has a mobile clinic that it takes to low-income areas to spay and neuter dogs and cats.  Here’s where you can find the mobile clinic for the rest of the month:

Tues., Jan. 26th      West End Multi-Service Center     170 Heights Blvd.

Wed., Jan 27th    Harris County Courthouse    14350 Wallisville Rd.

Thurs., Jan. 28th      San Jacinto/ Highlands Community Center    604 Highland Woods

Fri., Jan 29th   PetSmart      104 FM 1960 & I-45

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll want to check out the HoustonDogBlog. It’s written by Ryan Rice, an avid animal enthusiast and the proud owner of Isabella, the “donation dog” pictured above.

Mobile Clinic


3 Responses

  1. Please note that the phone number to make a spay-neuter clinic appointment is 713-862-8001. Appointments can also be requested by visiting the clinic’s website ( and clicking the appointment request link near the top of the page. (The number listed is for mobile clinic information.)

  2. Hi Amy,
    It was nice to meet you at the SNAP event on Friday evening and to also introduce you to Houston PetTalk Magazine. Thank you for supporting the pets in our community that need a helping hand. Without the exposure to pet owners from the media, many pets would not get the care they need. And, very importantly, there would be many more homeless animals living a hard and short life on the streets if not for low cost spay/neuter and education provided by organizations like SNAP.

  3. Thank you TAYLOR Family….especially Olivia and Emma for devoting their time to the needs of the animals. Saying that, I would like to thank their Mom and Dad for instilling sucvaluse in your children. Kristin, Emma and Olivia are you Stacia all the way……I have been Friends with Stacia(their Mom) sine childhood and SHE and Mike are awesome Parents that I am happy to know!!

    Shelby and Bruce

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