Sony TV Leaves Trail of Complaints

What if your $2,100 TV looked like this when you turned it on?

It’s life for Linda Fields. She purchased her Sony Wega TV in 2006 at Conn’s. She even went to the trouble and expense of purchasing an extended warranty. That got her through April 2009. Then in December a yellow blob appeared on the screen; and it won’t go away.

Most consumers would just chalk it up to bad luck. Linda looked online and noticed that a lot of Sony customers had this problem with their Wega sets. According to the complaints on Facebook on a page called “I have a defective Sony TV,” the blob appears about 3 to 5 years after you buy it. For $2,100 I think it’s safe to say most of us would expect more enjoyment from a TV.  But all Sony would agree to do is give her half off another Sony TV.

“Why would I want to buy another Sony knowing that in another 3 years it will have the same problem?” Linda asked.

I offered to call Sony, hoping to get a better deal for Linda. After my call, a Sony representative offered her 50% off the cost of repairs for her TV. Sony spokesperson Elizabeth Lucas told me that when they noticed that the service rates for the Sony Wega TV were above levels Sony deems acceptable, the company extended the warranty on the TV to 4 years from the date it was manufactured (not the date it was purchased). This does nothing for Linda.

Lucas told me the standard offer for any customer who has problems with their Sony Wega after their warranty has expired is 50% off the price of repairs OR 50% a new Sony TV.

Is that fair? Certainly Linda and other Wega owners got several years of use out of their TVs, but was it enough to convince them to plunk down more for another Sony product?

What do you think?



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  1. My Wega only lasted 13 mos before the problems started. I didn’t even get an offer of any kind of assistance with the problem. The only thing the representative would do is deny deny deny the problems. I wrote and called…no response..needless to say, I will never buy another Sony product…regardless of what that product is.

  2. I have documented this wide-spread problem, as well as related ones with Sony liquid crystal rear-projection TVs:

  3. This underscores a lot of the issues Sony has had over the years and why Samsung and Vizio are now outselling them in the HDTV space. I’m sure the people with the issues would love for Sony to pay them a few thousand dollars for their “pain/suffering,” but at what cost?

    I’m not Sony so I can’t say what to do, but with so many people having this issue Sony should cut it off at the pass, admit it had a problem, say that it no longer makes these TVs, and annouce that they have a new line of 2010 sets which are better quality, value, and workmanship. It’s what Ford did when comparing themselves to Toyota. Hyundai does it too in their ads.

    My heart goes out to anyone who has had an issue with their television. I help hundreds with similar issues on my website and I always wonder when companies will charge more to include longer warranties so they earn more customers the right way instead of with ever changing technology and fancy marketing.

  4. Some of us paid a lot more than $2100. I paid $3200 for a Sony Wega WF-55″ which has the same problem. Sony’s first response in Oct. was my model did not have this problem. Its second response in November was they were sorry. No action on their part was taken. They want $1100 to fix the optical bloc which will probably last no longer than the original. You can ship it off and have it rebuilt for about $300 on Ebay. You have to take it out yourself and ship. No intilligent person would put more money into a sinking ship or as most call them boat anchors. Sony does not stand behind their products.

  5. In 2004 we purchased the LCD Sony 55″ TV. We did purchase an extended warranty from Sears where we got the TV. Three yrs. later we had almost the same thing happen. We had only purple and blue on the screen. Sears came out and said it’s a known defect that Sony had told them about. So our warranty covered all the parts and labor. Sears was able to be reinburst by Sony for the almost $1,700 part known as the “light engine”. The labor would have been about $1,500. I would ask if Amy if she could dig deep with Sony if it’s the “light engine” that is causing the problem. It took 2 hrs. and 2 repairmen to get the job done. To this date it’s still working great. I hope Amy can help.

  6. Amy,
    Sony has duping people into thinking this is an isolated event, and it’s not. I have had two optical block replacements, and now need another one. My 60 inch Grand Wega is big paper weight. I didn’t realize how wide spread this was until this last time when looking it up on the Internet this is much larger than I was lead to believe by Sony. It is also evident they have been doing this to anyone who has bought their product. They have unjustly enriched themselves thru deception with faulty goods knowing that there was an engineering flaw. What’s worse is they continued selling these set’s with that knowledge. I am suprised that no one in the media has caught on to this.

  7. My husband and I purchased the 60 inch rear projection in Late 2005. The bulb went out for the first time in Jan of 09 – to be expected. Once we replaced it the blue blob started taking over. The bulb went out again the day after Christmas – not even a full years worth of play. the TV overheats and then you’re screwed. 4K down the drain. My husband and I both attempted to call SONY for some resolution but the customer service department is ready for calls like these because they take you spinning in circles like a pro figure skater. They offer discounts for refurbished models or newer sets. After paying 4K in a tv that didn’t even last 4 years do you really think I’m going to trust the value of SONY products? As if!! The 19 inch Panasonic in our bedroom has lasted over 10 years without issue.

  8. I have a Sony Grand Vega XBR ($3,600) purchased in very late 2006. After two years, I had a yellow blob appear. I found out that this model has a design defect that causes the LCD panels on the optic block to burn. Sony has now replaced the optic block three times in one year. They do not fix the actual problem that causes the optic block to burn. All Sony will offer me is $900 off a new 52″ XBR TV. They will not give me 50% off a new TV. On other models they have offered to exchange for they only give $300 – $400 off.

    I phone Sony and told them of your report. I asked why they would not offer me 50% off a new TV. The only response I could get was “sorry we do not meet expectations”.

    I would never buy another Sony TV. They have known about this problem for years and expect customers to just swallow their bitter pill.

  9. Sony TV’s are worse than ford pintos. They leave a warm yellow circle feeling on your tv! My $2000 TV which only lasted for 3 years before turning yellow. Thats just criminal of sony (phony).

  10. I bought my Sony Wedga from Circuit City in May 2005 along with an extended warranty. I noticed a blue light in the corner of my set and thought it was the lamp which I understood needed to be replaced after so many hour of use. I called Sony to confirm and they said it was not the lamp, the did not know what it was. I found out the sure knew what it was they even extended the warranty but did not notify anyone. Finally they offer to pay 1/2 the repair ranges from $870-$1200 or a discounted offer on a new Sony. I found the models they offered cheaper in the store. Not half off the price of a new set by no means, although everyone gets different offers. Same models but different prices. It’s strange, and I’d call that unfair business practices. There have been class actions suites and individules are filing small claims suites and winning. Sony should take more responsibility for building a defective set which they KNEW was defective. I will never buy a Sony again not due to the defective set but the deceit, and withholding infomation and poor customer service.

  11. Amy, I too purchased a Sony KDF-42WE655 Grand Wega LCD Rear Projection from Conns in Feburary of 2005. About 2 1/2 years later we started noticing a blue line at the bottom of the screen. Then as time went by, the blue began to be spots across the screen. When I called Sony a few months later, that denyed that there was a problem, even though I had already looked it up on the internet. They told me that my 1 year warranty expired and offered me a new Sony product at a discounted price. At that time, I told them that there is no way I would buy another sony product. After more researching, I found that Sony had extended the warranty coverage on some sets, so I called them back. Again, the rep told me that it had expired a few months past, and offered me the same discount on a new Sony product. You can look, and find thousands of accounts just like mine on the internet. Sony knows that there is a problem, and they refuse to fix it. Reminds me of Toyota… We need help out here. I hope that you can use your influence to pressure Sony into resolving this. I’m not going to pay the approximte $1000 to have it repaired. It edventually got so bad, that I bought a new 42″ Visio set for $650, and my Sony is now collecting dust.

  12. Thanks Amy for starting this blog. I had no idea how big this issue with Sony has become. I have seen Class Action Suits’ all over the world. I even noticed one in India. I guess my problem is Sony knew of these issues, yet they continued to sell them without any design change. Now Sony wants’ me to cough up another 800 bucks for a new “discounted TV”. At the end of the day I will have to spend almost $3000.00 to have one working TV and both TV’s (new and old) MSRP for under $2000.00. Incredible!!

  13. Hi Amy,
    I would like to add a bit more information. Sony sold approximatly 800,000 sets world wide of those sets approximatly 80% were sold here in the US. This thing is growing to be huge. It is similar to Toyota but without potential of bodily harm just financial distress. At least Toyota stood up. Perhaps it’s because of the bodily harm potential. Even so it is an engineering problem just like Toyota but Sony has chosen to wish us away by denial, and misdirection.

    I trusted what Sony was saying thinking it was just me but this is the third time so I went looking, and was amazed at the number of people that had the same problems with their Grand Wega sets, all sizes. There is a big story to be told here as many people that bought these sets don’t what going on as I once did trusting in Sony.

  14. Amy, I got my grand wega sony tv in September 2005 for about $4000. I am also a victim of a the blue blob on my since the last 4 months. When I contacted Sony, they gave me some worthless offers. It is very sad that a company like Sony cant stand by their products. I will never buy Sony again.

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  16. bought a Sony Bravia model #KDL-46VL130 4/26/2008 before it was 2 years old it has a 3-d look to its screen until it warms up 3-10 mins. Sony says to bad call a repair service and you pay to have it fixed. We are out $2000.00
    will not buy another Sony —Vizio is the way to go

  17. we bought our Sony Wega Aug 2006. we were replacing all our items that had been destroyed during hurricane rita. salesman went on and on about this tv….even purchased the extended warranty. 3 days before the extended warranty expired the bulb went out. called the place we bought it and they said it wasn’t covered by warranty or extended warranty….even told me that it was odd considering the salesman had same tv and never had a “lick of trouble”….told me I could purchase replacement bulb through them for $200. I ordered bulb online for $113 and replaced it myself. Now we have that wonderful yellow “blob” in the middle of our screen and the infamous blue/purple black hole haze when we shut it off. Waste of money! It’s not like some of us just have another$2500 sitting around the buy another TV. Oh, and the Sony DVD player/burner we purchased with the TV at such a “deal” of a price ($380) doesn’t work either….

  18. We bought a KCL 52XBR LCD TV in Feb 2008. As previously reported by others, in Aug 2009 we experienced lines progressing to a black screen. At that time we were told by a tech that it was a due to a bad LCD panel. Worse, when our installer contacted Sony he was told there was only a 12 month warranty (when Sony had extended to 18 months). Recall that Sony has you register your purchase so that you could be notified of issues like a warranty extension, but of course this is only likely a ploy to sell your name. Since the cost of repairs approached that of a replacement we passed on the repair. In researching a new TV, we learned of the special extended warranty on the 46 in models and of numerous reports of similar problems in the 52 inch products. Breaking through customer support, we got to consumer affairs. They insisted on a report from a Sony approved repair shop and proof of purchase. 110.00 dollars later once again we we informed that the problem was a defective panel. Two levels of customer affairs later Sony’s response was “we’ll assist you with covering 25% of the parts”. Sony will not even refund the wasted $ 110.00 on the service call they insisted on. The Sony approved repair tech and our installer both have said they have experienced similar responses from Sony, but that a few customers have their entire repair cost on these 52 inch TV’s covered fully. Needless to say, Sony is not a honorable company. If you chose to avoid Sony products please note that Samsung is now strongly affiliated with Sony.

    FYI There is also a problem with an electronic module at the top of the these KDL XBR’s. The problem source can be differentiated by the fact that if the module is responsible, the Sony menus are unaffected.

  19. If you are having problems with your Sony Television please go to the Face Book site called “I have a defective Sony”. On this site you will find over a thousand people with similar problems. You will also get up to date information on the issues, and support. The site is very extensive, and has people with experience about issues that may help you.

  20. I too have a 60″ Wega XBR which has had the “blue blob” on the right side of the screen. It’s funny (NOT funny Haha) but unusual that every time I turn on the set, the “pattern” is different. It NEVER goes away but sometimes you can see blue text and images on a “blanked” screen (no video) Very unusual and VERY irritating. I too called Sony and they didn’t want to do ANYTHING for me. So sad, I use to be a Sony dealer 10 years ago. Their attitide was “up yours” dude … fend for yourself.

    SO, I would really like to know if anyone knows of, or is part of, a class action suite? Would we (the public who bought Sony under “influence” of dealers) have legitimate grounds for false advertising, unethical business practice, deception, etc.??

  21. All of you with Defective Sony Televisions please go to Face Book “I Have a Defective Sony TV” You will find over 12 Hundred people on this site, and it grows every day. Lot’s of great information without for the most part Sony’s misinformation about what is truly going on. Steve Linke’s Google site is also excellent for Technical Expertise on your Set’s. He also participates on the Face Book site. You get to talk with others, and get advice on your Defective Set’s. Sony will always tell you they are not aware of any problem’s (More misinformation to hide the facts from you). The good news is Sony is slowly being outed to the public. The bad news is they are still selling inferior products, making boasts of longevity, and quality at a premium price.

    Beware though Sony has been monitoring the FB site, and making offers to some but not others. Selling us refurbished Set’s, or the ones that didn’t sell to reduce inventory while still making a profit on the backs of people they have mislead/deceived.

  22. I bought a Sony Wega KP-57Ws520 two years ago. The TV went out and the standby light started blinking 10 times. I researched and found out that everyone in the world is having the same problem this this model television. Called for repair service. They won’t even look @ it unless I pay $400. 10 blinks mean, Check Q8014 and Q8013 for shorts, leakage or bad solder connection on D Board. If the transistors are bad, check R8051 and IC8005, also on D Board. WTF! I want my money back. Older model Sonys I have are still working. CLASH ACTION SUIT AGAINST SONY IS IN THE WORKS IF THEY DON’T START RESOLVING THIS PROBLEM NOW!

  23. Anyone having problems with their Sony TV should go to “I Have A Defective Sony TV” on Facebook and post their story. Many people get results if not free tv’s by doing so.

  24. I bought a Sony 52W4100 18 months ago… its not the same problem but my LCD panel went out about a month ago. I’ve been dealing with them for the last month, paid 125 to have someone look at the TV and now they offered me another sony 52″ for 1400, 50% off retail. I told them “Why would I buy another TV from you when the last one lasted 18 months.” On top of that the guy I talked to lied to me on several occasions, even telling me he was the main boss at the customer relations center in Ft. Myers Florida… Guys names Jon employee ID is cqv8. I asked him right from the beginning if the problem turns out to be the LCD panel what “can” you guys do for me, I dont want to spend 125 to have you guys give me a discount on another TV. He lied said he can see about getting me a replacement if that was the case. Then later he said that wasnt possible, and he couldnt tell me that before hand. Another thing that set me off was when I said it was a manufactures defect, he said it wasn’t and “electronics break”. I told him fine I will post online that Sony TVs last 18 months and a representative comfirmed that is how they are built. I could go on an on, but main thing is Sony is making horrible products and doesnt want to stand behind there label. I really wish a class action suit would come up with my model involved.

  25. Great post, we need more of these on the net so that we can stay away from purchasing televisions like this

  26. Oh, I’ve already read this one.. But well, thank you for sharing!..
    Interesting website, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence.

  27. Sony is crazy ridiculous! I was, and have been on the phone with these international reps, the last one identified herself as “Meagan” in Manila.
    I bought my Sony in June ’08, by Sept. ’09, three months out of warranty, bad picture problems. It got worse and finally, after their flashdrive upgrade, the entire went black. Sound remains.
    After arguiing, telling them their own Sony authorized “gold” service repair guy says it’s defective, they agreed to pay half the cost ($700) of the repair. Repair man calls and says the panel is no longer manufactured, so two additional parts are needed for a new total of $2,200. Sony will only pay $900. They offered four new TVs (3, 46-inchers for $1,100, and the other two at about $925 each; and a 40-inch for $550. And they will only give me a week to decide. One e-mail says “agree to any of these, and you release Sony and affiliates” from anything further. I told this Megan that I just don’t have $900 laying around, like I should not pay my mortgage to buy another TV? She didn’t give a crap!
    I’m not the kind of person who buys expensive things; I bought this because I thought Sony was a reputable company. Apparently I was wrong about them. I spilled my guts about my finances to Megan, and like I said, they’re only interested in making the fast buck. Someone with name recognition needs to step forward.

  28. Sony has sold millions of these Defective TV’s, the first line of CSR’s lead you to believe that you are an isolated incident, the second line Sony CSR’s tell you that you are out of luck, that you are just an Anomaly. Most Consumers believe in what they are being told by Sony, and go away. Thinking that they were just unlucky (Which is what Sony wants). They (Sony wants you to go away) but people are spending thousands for what they thought was a reliable product. All based on past experience, and advertisements by Sony, and history. All of the quality (Reliability) has gone by the way side in the name of profit. Sony is producing disposable TV’s, with the business plan of selling more TV’s to those who value reliability (At a premium price). This is no longer the Sony we once knew, and trusted. The change happened when Sir Howard Stringer took the CEO chair. Profit at any cost, including selling Unmerchantable TV Product’s. Sony knew this prior to going to market with mass production. Their own engineer’s called it a (Latent Defect) per Sony’s US Patent on the Optical Block. Which now has proven to be Non-Latent. But in fact Defective from the beginning of production. Then sold to the public as the last TV you will probably ever have to purchase. I had multiple repairs none of which worked to cure the problems, just very temporary fixes (With a great cost mind you).

    I found the website “I have a defective Sony TV” started by a person we call IHAD’s, backed by Scientific Research from Steve Linke’s Google Website. Which gave me more information than I ever could have hoped for.

    I have settled with Sony but still remain on the FB page because many people are still receiving the misdirection that I received from Sony’s CSR’s.

    My feeling is this is a very large News Story that has been ignored for to long. But Sony has very long tentacles, in Government, Non-Profit’s, and Media. They all depend on Sony for contribution’s, advertisements, and sponsorships.

    What is sad that it appears Sony is getting away with it. Sweeping those Consumers whom bought TV’s from Sony under the rug.

    We need somebody,entity, with Name recognition too pay attention to this.

  29. I purchased my Sony 42-we-610 tv on January 21, 2004 for $2,599.99 plus tax, a 5 year extended warranty and delivery charge bringing the total to $2,992.27 from Jetson’s Tv in Vero Beach Fl. On August 27, 2008, Jetson’s replaced the optic block because the picture was dark and distorted. They said the cost was around $1000 but it was covered under warranty. Now I am having the same problems. Jetson’s would not fix it and said to call Sony. I called Sony numerous times and they sent out Sizemore Tv to look at it on 9/24/10.. Sizemore showed me that the lamp access door had melted inside and a brown spot showed the burning on the outside of the door. They said it was the optic block and it would be over $1000 to fix. They said in their report to Sony it was a bad optic block, and the lamp door has tabs that are a little warped from the heat. They said the door itself is not warped. Sony saw the report and told me they would offer me a tv at a reduced cost if I would sign a hold harmless agreement. I refused and ask them to apply the warranty they offered through 3/31/2011. They said they would not. The warranty covers my model tv. It says Sony will repair the lamp access door and any other components damaged as a result at no charge. Sony has known for years of the overheating and the optic block problem with this model tv. Several class action lawsuits have been filed and or settled. I am disabled and take a lot of medication. I am very concerned about my safety because of the overheating. The repair they did in 2008 did not fix the problem. The tv is still overheating causing the door to melt in front of the $200 bulb. I also expect to get a good picture on my expensive tv. Sony thinks I do not have enough damage. I believe since Sony is unwilling or unable to repair my tv free of charge, they should replace it with another reasonably equivalent tv free of charge.

  30. It’s the same deal over, and over again. Sony is selling very expensive disposable TV’s. They withhold information, and misdirect people to spend even more dollars on something they will not fix. Then blame it on old tech vs new tech. It is a shame, on Sony. Especially when they have been found out. But won’t admit it, and continues too misdirect so many (Hundred’s of Thousand’s) into thinking they are alone. Just a very, very, poor situation. I settled but am bound by contract not too disclose my settlement. However I didn’t say that I would not shut up about the rest.

  31. I have a KDS50a2000 tv purchased 4-17-07. replaced the lamp 1/27/10,
    Now, I have a problem with the color. Green and yellow. Found out it is a optical block problem
    I called Sony and got the run around. The class action suit has ecxpired and they will not replace the defective tv. They knew this when manufactered. Anyone have the same problem? Any ideas?

  32. I purchased a Sony Bravia 1-1/2 years ago. I purchased from Sony since they have been in the electronic industry for some time and have trusted their products till now. When I turn the TV on a red line runs down the screen. This began three weeks ago. I called and spoke with someone and was then instructed to call one of their repair people who then want to charge me for this service. I didn’t purchase the extended warranty since I expected any TV to last longer than 1-1/2 years. For the past one-year, I now have two red lines running down my TV. I spoke with a rep online who instructed me to call my cable company because their box is bad!!! OK I will do this and see what happens. I get the feeling Sony doesn’t want to be responsible for their high-priced products and evidently do not care about their reputation any longer.

  33. I bought KDL-55HX800 SONY 3-D TV 2 months back and now that TV is showing ghost images. SONY has denied to replace TV. After several calls some local technician of SONY distributor picked my TV set and trying to repair it. I am so frustrated with SONY. I paid $2500 for this TV and now I am frustrated since SONY deceived me by selling such a product. I am thinking to take legal action against SONY. Please advise and gather for mass complaint if you faced any such issue against any SONY product. Please check Sony Style support forums for complaint subject “Serious problem with Sony-3D TV”.

  34. Serious problem with Sony-3D TV. Please check earlier posts. I am thinking to file a legal case against SONY at consumer court. I suggest you all victim of SONY products to file a legal fraud case against SONY. It is a fraud against poor consumers who pays so much money and get faulty products.

  35. My 52 inch 2 yr old Bravia 52V4100 started to develop thin vertical lines on the LCD panel.

    After follwoing customer support instructions for weeks they finally told me to have an authorized sales person check it out. I paid $100 for his 5 minute visit to tell me the panel is bad. He wrote me an estimate for $1,800 to replace the panel (I purchased the TV in 2008 for $1,600).

    Customer Relations asked me to FAX them the repair invoice. I sent it in and two days later they called to offer me a new 55 inch TV fo $1,400. After a big laugh I told them if I was going to spend $1,400it would not be on another Sony.

    They kept telling me that mu one year warranty was up. Only bought Sony because of their reputation for quality. Now they are the Toyota of TVs in my opinion.

  36. My 27″ Sony Trinitron won’t come on now. It just makes a clicking noise. I know what it is. The crowbar circuit in the high voltage section has gone bad, due probably to some bad capacitors or a bad flyback transformer. I know how to fix crt tvs, but won’t spend any time on this one. Why? Because it was manufactured in August of 1990.
    That’s over twenty years ago. The picture tube still looks bright and crisp, and part of me wants to repair it.
    However, I need to get rid of some tvs, as I have about four 27″ crt sets here that I accumulated just waiting for this day.
    My Sony was a CHAMP. Too bad the Wega I bought my mom died after four or five years. No more Sonys for me.

  37. My Sony KD-F50we610 had issues… I got on the Facebook page called “I Have a Defective Sony TV” and within hours I had someone call me with an event number and they sent a tech out that week to see my TV (on a friday) by monday I had offers for a replacement TV, FREE.. by the next monday I had my new tv set up and working… Less than 2 weeks… and mine was a 7 year old Sony Grand Wega kd-f50we610 .. Out of warranty and no extended warranty.. Sony stepped up and made it right.. no screaming or yelling or anything!!

  38. I have a Sony Bravia KDL-52WL135 (sn 8019947). I am haveing the same problem being discribed by hundred if not thousand of owners. Does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit for this model?
    My advice to anyone thinking about buying a new TV, do not buy Sony.
    JeDonn Bryant

  39. The worst product i have experienced Sony TV CRD MODEL KV DB34 TRINITRON Bought at mount road chennai sony main showroom. Bought and got repaired in a year switiching on the TV no effect. In chennai we called the authoriesed dealer and Mr. Dayalan authorised person came after several calls and attended and changed few parts and three months that they don have the part. The part was fixed and charged 5,000 Rs. The service person would have not passed my house the screen become blank. Giving immediate call he said the other part got problem and informed that he will take the TV and get it reparied at the service station. Its almost 1 year not yet have turned up after several call.

  40. You need to get in touch with Sony Listens in the US. They can’t fix your problem as evidently you are in a different Country. What they can do is direct you to the appropriate department, and people. Remember to take names, and phone numbers. Document everything, leave know stone unturned. This is your best recourse. If you have to go back for documentation do so, it’s evidence you are collecting.
    It backs up what you are saying. Be prepared to fight, good luck to you. Never give up !!

  41. If anyone is looking to sue Sony you can contact me as well, I’ll join. My e-mail is heisler_albert at
    I bought my KDL52z5100 TV from BestBuy in november 2009, after 1 year and a half the tv start showing a shade on 3/4 of the screen when I turn it on. It would clear up after 30 min but an horizontal black line would stay permanently on the screen.
    Contact Sony and they asked me to have an authorized technician from them to make an inspection and after that they’ll present me some options.
    I paid over 100$ from my money for the technician to come and not even touch the TV with one finger, just used the remote control to turn it on and then fill the paper with “LCD need replacement”, cost of replacement $2700. WHAT??!!
    Sony called me the next day to present me the “options” who suddenly became “the option”. The wanted to offer me a tv of an discounted price. So I still making payments on this TV and they wanted me to buy another one.Very convenient offer. Next step is to contact an attorney and open a law suit.
    The Uniform Commercial Code, fully adopted by most states, stipulates that most new consumer products come not only with an express warranty, but also with a so-called implied warranty of merchantability. That is an automatic, unwritten promise that your purchase will perform as commonly expected, including that it will last a reasonable amount of time given the nature of the item. In most states, implied warranties are in effect for four years, although that doesn’t necessarily mean a product must last that long. Implied warranties apply to retailers and manufacturers and may be broader than an express warranty.

  42. I purchased the Sony Bravia 46-inch LCD in Dec. 2008. After less than 3 years the left half of the screen has discoloration and the picture is distorted with lines through it. Of course it is not under warranty. Repairs of almost $500 may correct it. If not, the whole panel will need to be replaced. I am very disappointed in Sony for selling such unreliable merchandise. I selected a Sony as I thought that the brand was reliable and good quality, however, I am having buyer’s remorse. It is apparent that Sony has total disregard for its consumers or the quality of their products. Just look at the consumer postings for the same issue.
    Call to Sony was elevated to Customer Relations. I was told that the TV is not under warranty and Sony would only cover parts and labor for one year. I clarifed, and shared my disappointment. Again it was repeated nothing could be done. I told Customer Relations that I would post on Social media sites and would not be spending my money on Sony products. It was repeated a 3rd time that the TV was not under warranty and Sony could do nothing other than offer their apologies.

  43. Stay away from Sony I also have a Bad KDSR50XBR1 AND THEY WONT REPLACE IT. 10/31/2011

  44. I also have a 55″ Sony Wega bought in 2006 for over $3500.00. It developed the large yellow spot and blue lines around the edges of set 5.5 years after i bought it. I had the extended warranty too. I waited until now to get the bad news that the repairs would be $1800. I contacted Sony and they offered nothing! I have been a loyal Sony customer but that is over!

  45. We are in the same boat as everyone else. The color blobs are so bad now we have to buy a new tv. My husband was looking at Sony’s and I said no way, so we’ve ordered a Panasonic. Hope to have better luck. Sony needs to get out of the television market if thaey cannot create a product that works!!

  46. HAve you been in contact with the sony Listners.. Check on the Panasonic customer service also.. Sony is still the best tv’s out there. Good luck with you Panasonic.

  47. BEWARE of SONY LCDs – Known defect with the LCD panels. My 46″ BRAVIA LCD is 3 years old and shot! The panel is going out, repair would cost more than new tv. SONY said “sorry, can’t help you”.
    Robert C.

  48. BEWARE of buyint anything… Sony is doing things… They replaced 2 tv’s for me and I have seen them give OPTIONS you are talking about that include over 50 to 80% off retail value on TV’s. You just have to go through Sony Listens team as stated above and they help. Sure 6-7-8 years out what do you want a hand out of a free repair or a brand new tv?? Thing do break and sometime you have to pay to have them repaired. I hope the LCD pannel TAB bonding issue don’t become a real issue later down the road, I see some reports of it.. But I have seen more Kids throwing Wii remotes at their screens breaking them..

    Don’t GIVE UP!!! There is strength in numbers.

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