Operation Price Check #3- Big Score

Okay folks… just returned from the grocery store with $27.47 in my pocket. That’s money Kroger refunded me after they overcharged me $8.18.

In case you are reading about Operation Price Check for the first time, you can catch up by reading my first post.

You can check out my receipt to the left to see the items that rang up incorrectly.  Just click on the image to zoom in and read it more clearly.

The face cream below was on clearance for $7.49; but I was charged the regular price.  Sargento String Cheese was supposed to be $3.99; but it rang up $4.49.

Same with the Pilsbury cookie dough. It was on sale for 2 for $4; but I was charged regular price.

And lastly, avocados were $1.39 each. I was charged $1.99.

As disclosed earlier, I will post each shopping trip, making note when there are no errors or even undercharges. At the end of the year, I will donate all of the money I saved to the Houston Food Bank.

Overcharged Refunded Time Wasted Undercharged

12/13/09      .10     $1.61          4 minutes

12/18/09       No errors

12/20/09     No errors

12/22/09     No errors

12/26/09     .19                                                    $1.65  (Didn’t request refund of $1.44).

12/30/09    .10  (Didn’t ask for a refund of $1.89.) .31 undercharged

1/1/10            No errors

1/9//10         No errors

1/10/10        $8.18   $27.47     >5 min.      .14 undercharged


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