Home Energy Savings Makeover Update

We introduced you to the Jones family of Sugar Land this summer when they were selected to receive a Home Energy Savings Makeover by Gary Parr of KSEV 700’s Gary on the Air radio show.

We tracked the inefficiencies of the Jones’ home and then the improvments. You can watch our series below:

Home Energy Savings Makeover Part I

Home Energy Savings Makeover Part II

The Jones family is now sharing their August electric bill. Aug. 2009 was the first month where all of the renovations were complete to allow a comparison from Aug. 2008.

Drum roll please….

In Aug. 2008, the Jones paid $749.41.

In Aug. 2009, the Jones paid $333.53.

That’s a 55% reduction on their electric bill!  

As if that wasn’t enough great news, Gary Parr also got the Jones home a Silver Certification from the National Association of Home Builders, making it a Certified Green Building.



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