File Your Proof of Claim in Royce Bankruptcy

Tonight on Local 2, we show you the fall out of the Royce Homes bankruptcy. There are dozens of homeowners, contractors and other consumers who lost money when Royce closed its doors.

If you are one of these people or businesses, November 26th is the deadline for filing a “proof of claim” in Royce’s bankruptcy. If you file, you may be reimbursed when any of Royce’s remaining assets are distributed among creditors. There’s no guarantee you will see any money. But it’s a sure bet you’ll never get a dime if you don’t file.

If you had a warranty on your home, but you haven’t been able to get the work done because of the bankruptcy, there is a value on the warranty that you are owed. If you put earnest money down on a home that never closed, and you never got a refund, you should file.

Here is how you do it. The directions are on this “Proof of Claim” form. Click it. Follow the directions for filling it out.

In the blank for “name of debtor,” type Royce Homes, LP. In the blank for “case number,” type in 09-32467.

You do have to attach documents that prove you are owed money. That might be a statement from your HOA dues if Royce stopped maintaining the property or paying for the street lights in your subdivision. If it’s a warranty issue, include your closing documents that show your home came with a warranty.

For now, the Royce bankruptcy trustee says Royce owes more than $17 million; but he believes it’s much more… and that many people just haven’t filed.


4 Responses

  1. Ive been trying to collect money owed to me from this company since 9/2008.I have filed with the dept. of labor in NC since i was an employee of Royce Builders when they shut down in Charlotte.Of course they never responded to the claim. I was then referred to the texas workforce since NC has no jurisdiction on a company that no longer exists in the state.

  2. This is some very information, I just completed my paper for class and wish i would had found this article sooner. You may have just made me a regular 🙂

  3. I have warrenties issuies that just came up a few months ago I am pass the Nov 26 dead line what can I do now?

  4. Has there been any updates on the status of the claims and bankruptcy case for Royce Homes? If so, where can I find this information.

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