More on Debt Collection & Your Rights

Tonight we aired a second part in our series on Debt Collection.

Watch Part 1 here.

In Part 2, we told you about Houston debt collector Steven Guignard. He is being sued by 5 businesses (from Texas to Utah) that claim Guignard took their money. Each business owners says they hired Guignard and his company Morgenthal, Meyers & Sterns to collect some debts; but they say after MMS got the money, they kept it all. You can watch our entire interview with Guignard (who we caught up with outside of a Katy gas station) here:

If you didn’t get through to our phone bank tonight to speak with our panel of consumer attorneys, you can call them at their offices. They are happy to answer your questions. Their names and numbers are below.

We thank them all for helping with our Phone Bank tonight.

Blake Henshaw (281) 497-2650

Dana Karni (713) 552-0008

Daniel Ciment (713) 270-4833

Mike Weston (713) 623-4242

Rich Tomlinson (713) 627-2100

Greg Nodler (713) 627-2100

Hugh Plummer, Jr. (713) 520-0900

Jim McMillen (281) 458-9100

“The People’s Lawyer” Richard Alderman is another helpful consumer attorney in town. He’s put together an entire video on debt collection and your rights. You can watch it online.


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