Get Your Gripe out there

You know I love to take your complaints. I hope I’m the first place you turn! But even if I broadcast one complaint a day, I still couldn’t fit them all in on Local 2.

You should know there are other online outlets to vent and share your frustrations with other consumers.  These are great resources for checking out a business (just like you’ve always done with the BBB). Just plug in a company’s name and find out in seconds what others have to say about their service or products.

Two of the most popular sites are and

I actually check these sites when I’m doing stories on businesses. You can be anonymous or only post a screen name, but the Ripoff Report actually asks you when you post your complaint if you mind the site sharing your information with the media. They do that in case a reporter (like myself) sees a consumer’s post and wants to interview that person. I call Ripoff Report and they would put us in touch.

The downside to these sites is that people can post anything about any company… and there are no fact checkers or mediators who call to get the business side of the story.  There are also fake posts by the businesses themselves to smear competitors or give themselves positive feedback to negate a lot of customer complaints.

Consider yourself warned… and complain away!


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