Get Cash for Sharing your Customer Service story

Maybe you’ve seen Nancy Friedman on TV. I interviewed her in the first story we did on hold times in 2006. She’s also appeared on Oprah. And now… she’s giving away some money.

Telephone Doctor Customer Service ContestNancy

On a recent trip to Las Vegas while waiting to check into one of the mega hotels on the strip, I saw something that surprised me.

I couldn’t help but notice how surly and down right rude some of the reception/check in staff were to the guests. With all that’s going on in this down economy, I wondered what it would take for them to smile, say something nice and be more polite. Others in line noticed it too. We started talking and we all agreed we wouldn’t want to come back to this property.

YES it’s tougher now. YES times are difficult. YES jobs are being lost. YES people are spending less. But the good news is they are still spending. And customers want to spend their money where they are welcomed and appreciated. It got us thinking, in this down economy, what companies are rising to the top to keep your business? Who’s doing more than the bare minimum?

Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, wants to hear from you. Nancy Friedman, President of Telephone Doctor, says: “We’re seeking the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE STORY in the past year. We want to hear about something, someone or some company who created a really positive experience for you that you’re still thinking or talking about.” The winning story will receive $500 and receive front-page placement in our new book. Tell us how you were treated above and beyond.

There are hundreds of ‘worst customer service stories’ out there. Telephone Doctor wants to turn the tide. We want positive stories that we can pass along to help other businesses. Let’s raise consumer confidence with GREAT customer service.

Submit as many entries as you’d like, as long as they’re positive. Please include your name, company (if applicable), address and phone number in your EMAIL to There’s no limit to the number of words in each submission; however, Telephone Doctor reserves the right to edit the story should it get reprinted. All stories become the property of Telephone Doctor, Inc. and could be published in our new book.

Contest is open through January 31, 2010. Winners will be notified by April 1, 2010.

For more information, call Nancy Friedman, at Telephone Doctor 314 291 1012.



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