It’s Customer Service Week. I need your input.

Did you know this week is “Customer Service Week?”

In 1992, Congress proclaimed Customer Service Week a nationally recognized event, celebrated annually during the first full week of October.

It’s all about those people who provide great customers service. I’m putting together a story for Thursday night at 10pm. Let me know which Houston company provides the best customer service and the worst and why.

And please take a minute to participate in this quick poll:


19 Responses

  1. H.E.B.s generally have great service.
    Yankee Candle Company and Apple in Memorial Mall come in a close second.

    The worst service is at Chili’s on 290 just past 45th street.

  2. The best service is HEBs.

    Apple and Yankee Candle at Memorial City are a close second.

    Worst service is at Chili’s at 290 and 45th street

  3. Comcast has the worst customer service by far. We used to have our phone, internet and cable from Comcast and last Feb. all 3 were out for four days. We had called it in the first day and on the fourth day when we called back for the second time to see when or if it would ever be fixed the person on the phone was very rude, when my husband told her he didn’t have to pay Comcast for their services because he had other options, the lady on the line told him they got threats like that all the time. He said that perhaps he should talk to her supervisor and she hung up on him. Within 5 hours we had switched all three of our services to other companies.

  4. The company that has the absolute worst customer service, or really lack of customer service, is TXU Energy. They have outsourced their department to Guatemala and have untrained people who can’t answer even the most basic question concerning your bill. If you ask to be transferred to someone in the states, they refuse. There is no published phone number for them in Dallas where the corporate headquarters is. I had to call the Public Utility Commission in order to find a US phone number to call and complain to and get my problem resolved. These people in Guatemala have worked hard at perfecting their American accents to deceive you, and when asked where they are located, they will most times tell you Texas. I’m looking into changing electric providers because they are not worth the aggravation. They only care about the tax credit they get from outsourcing, and not having to pay benefits to US workers who would like to have a job.

  5. H.E.B has the best customer service. I visited the Pearland store this week mainly the deli and they were so helpful, the employees always have a smile and will help in way possible. The rest of the store is always clean and if you need any help anyone will help you. They don’t say oh this is not my section. It is very nice to be asked how is your day going and maybe a small conversion.

  6. HEB always has the best customer service no matter the location. The one in Pasadena on Fairmont is awesome! The employees really enjoy their jobs and it shows in their customer service. I am in retail managment for a national pharmacy store and see a difference in my company compared to HEB. HEB treats their employee a lot better than my company. HEB staffs their stores with a lot of floor people to help customers.

  7. The City of Pearland has great customer service. If you have a complaint they will quickly address it. I’ve also been pleased with the local Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Amica Insurance, and AMEX.

    Bad customer service… Comcast, Dell Computers, Chase Credit Cards, and Intuit.

  8. The best customer service anywhere is Chick-fil-a restaurants. They always are giving away free food. They will take coupons no matter how old or how expired they are. They never say no.

  9. I ALWAYS receive GREAT customer service at Westside Chevrolet’s service department where I purchased my Chevy Tahoe. The service department goes beyond the call of duty to help me out and get me finished at a reasonable amount of time.

    Recently I wanted to rent a Chevy Equinox to go out of town and to test drive it. Westside’s Service department went beyond the call of duty to call their contact at Enterprise and I was give top notch service and help. I would highly recommend everyone to purchase a vehicle from Westside Chevrolet in Katy.

  10. ColdWater Creek has really good customer service. They remember what service is…

    Comcast is by far the worst in customer service. Took 9 weeks to get my outside line replaced, after THEY kept cancelling the appointments! Even the supervisors couldn’t keep the appt from being cancelled. I took my business elsewhere…

  11. Central Market provides outstanding customer service. All of their 8 Texas stores go above and beyond to provide great service.

  12. Comcast has horrible customer service. They came to our house about 4 times just to do the initial installation. They left pieces of cut wire all over the place. When I think I have found every little piece, I find another in my 10 month old daughter’s mouth. They brought the wrong equipment, installed it incorrectly, and didn’t do everything they were supposed to. When we called to complain and ask them to come back and fix it, they were not happy about it. If I had it to do all over again, we would have gone with DirectTV.

  13. Verizon Wireless is wonderful! I have been a customer for 9 years and they have always been pleasant. I am always telling people to switch when they complain about At&t.

  14. I’ve consistently received great customer service from Clear Lake Infiniti. I’ve purchased two Infiniti’s starting in 2003. The service manager (Sam Alhalaby) goes beyond expectations. He was my service rep at SW Infiniti and became the service manager when Clear lake Infiniti opened. I’ll continue to purchase an Infiniti just because of the customer service.

    My most recent bad customer service is with Comcast. It’s impossible to get a phone number of your closest service center and now they charge customers to service their defective equipment if you don’t purchase service insurance. If AT&T is ever available in my area, I’ll definately leave Comcast.

    Dell Computer customer service answers quickly, but rarely solves the problem.

  15. Dennis at Clear Lake Volkswagen Servicd Dept. Everytime I brought my car in to be serviced he is always helpful and honest. He even knows me by name and will take the time to show he cares. Everytime I bring my car in to be serviced, I always ask for him by name. Thanks Dennis!!

  16. The worse customer service is Walgreens and I used to work for them. Not all stores though. The employees they hire are idiots that can’t even speak with a customer before sounding stupid. I used to be a manager for them and am proud to day I will never shop at Walgreens ever again. Oh and even the district supervisor doesn’t care about their employees or customers. Never takes the time to show she cares.

  17. I have experienced great customer service at a Taco Bell fast food restaurant in the drive-thru.
    The person on the speaker usually asks ‘How are you doing today?’
    They always listen to your order in a calmly way without being in a hurry.
    They sound very polite on the speaker.
    They are very quick on getting the food order completed.
    They always say to have a nice night just before you leave.
    I appreciate that very much.
    This Taco Bell is located at 3034 Ella Blvd. along the 610 Highway.
    I recommend going there and seeing how good their customer service is in the drive-thru.
    I am a fan of the news now at night and your segment.
    You do a great job with the investigative reporting in Houston.
    I hope you someday we can meet so that you can do a story involving my information or something else.
    Thanks Amy

  18. Ditto to Chick Fil A and HEB having great customer service. Chick Fil A it is their pleasure to serve you, bring food to your table, come do drink refills, if raining walk you to the car with an umbrella. HEB they still sack your groceries and take them to the car for you. Can’t get that at Kroger I once had to sack my own groceries at Kroger.

    Walgreens 2920/Kuykendahl stinks at customer service. I used to have my prescriptions filled there for a whole year but 8 months into a year and they were sending me automatic refill e-mails and calling me but when I went to get the prescription they didn’t have it ready. I was always told I’d have to wait!!!!! The pills were pre-packed all they had to do was slap a label on, print the bill, stick the pills in a sack, and staple it shut with the bill. I once waited 2 hours. I switched pharmacies!

  19. electric vehicle conversion…

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