How’s your Speed?

Tonight’s question came from viewer Delphina Mark.

“We recently found out that we have only been receiving AT&T Internet Pro services instead of the Elite services that we had been paying for the last 5 years.  The difference is Pro costs 30.00 and is supposedly not as fast as the Elite service which costs 35.00.  An AT&T technician came out to our house and tested our line. He said we are only receiving speed that is equivalent to the Pro services.  He stated that Elite is not available to us because we are “too far from the box” and we needed to call AT&T and downgrade our charges to Pro since that is what we have been getting from day one.  I called AT&T and they stated that we have been receiving Elite services and in so many words the technician was wrong. 

My question is how would a resident who has bought the service ever know that they are really receiving the service they bought?”   

Great question. I’m sure a lot of people wonder about this.  And there is an easy answer.

There are several websites out there that will test your computer’s speed. Don’t pay for the service. At Speakeasy you IMG_1378don’t have to download anything on your computer either.

Once you’re on the site, click on the server nearest you (most likely Dallas if you watch Local 2 on TV). The site will automatically begin testing the speed of your computer.

IMG_1379 Of course you need to know what speed you should be getting. 

On AT&T’s website, it says that their Internet Elite Service customers will get a downstream speed (same thing as “download speed”) of up to 6.0 Mbps and an upstream speed (same thing as “upload speed”) of 768 kbps (kilobit per transfer rate).

Delphina… we want to know if you’re getting what you paid for. Please comment below to tell us what your speed test reveals.


One Response

  1. I performed the speed test you recommended and my findings are as follows: dowload speed 6.8mbps; upload speed is 1.6 mbps. I subscribe to Comcast “Blast” high speed internet service which advertises download speeds of 16-20mbps and upload speeds of 2-4 mbps. Obviously there is some discrepancy between what I’m paying and what I’m getting. Interesting! Please note I performed this test wirelessly via my laptop which may have affected my speed results somewhat. But still that is quite a discrepancy! Honestly though I have come to expect poor service from Comcast anyway! Wish my area had a different provider. I hear that Verizon Fios is going to be awesome!

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