Internet Scams & Schemes

In tonight’s “Ask Amy” segment we told you about a scam where criminals hijack your email account and email all of your contacts, feigning an emergency and asking for money. Of course the idea is that yout friends think it’s you.

This is just one of the latest scams agents with the FBI’s Cyber Crime Task Force are seeing. Check out some of the others so that you might recognize the ploy should it happen to you:

Debt Elimination


Phishing/ Spoofing 

Counterfeit Cashiers Check 

You should report any of the above scams (or any others) to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

When we drove to the FBI Houston field office to interview the Special Agent for this story, we got to see the brand IMG_1365new building. They said we were the first station to do a media interview since they had just moved in days earlier.

I thought I’d post pictures of their new digs at 290 near 43rd in Northwest Houston. The building is… interesting. Even the agents who work there say they can;t quite figure out what the architect had in mind when they created this:


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