Free Lunch Today only

It’s almost lunch time.

How about a couple of tacos from Jack in the Box? You can get 2 free- today only.

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?


One Response

  1. I received a $350 June water bill from the city of Oak Ridge North!! They claim that my family of four, who does not have a swimming pool, used 46,000 gallons of water in a month! Absolutley ridiculous!! I have a historical timeline of usage, and we NEVER used more than 26,000 gallons in a month even in the hottest/driest summers, and we have lived here 5 years!

    There are worse stories than mine! When the city came out to re-read the meter, the tech told me that one of our older residents got the same shock — a resident who lives alone and has hardly ever gone over 8,000 gallons a month got a similar $300 – $350 water bill!!

    My newest bill is back down to normal range for summer: 23,000 gallons. The month prior to the 46,000 gallon bill was 15,000 gallons. So how do I spike like that in one month when it’s never happened before?? There are about 100 residents of Oak Ridge North in my situation according to a clerk I talked to at the city.

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