Want a Free Designer Suit?

Have you heard of SYMS? It’s a retail store that carries brand-name clothing at low prices.  I’ve never been, but I know for a fact Dominique Sachse augments her fabulous wardrobe there.  How do I know?

Recently a viewer emailed me with this question:

“Where did Dominique find the blue and black blouse she was wearing on Tuesday,  it would go perfect with a skirt I have.”

Dominique’s reply:

“I think it’s funny you got this question!  I don’t see her email address, so would you mind passing along the info?  It’s a Calvin Klein dress that I recently bought at Syms.”

But I digress… SYMS is giving away 30 suits.  Check out the news release they sent me below.

With the number of Americans seeking employment nearly doubling in the past 18 months, SYMS wants to empower and inspire consumers, in these trying times. In Texas the unemployment rate is up to 7.5% with roughly 899,700 residents currently unemployed.

And SYMS recognizes that interpersonal skills, confidence, and style matter when you interview for a job. To give people a competitive advantage in the job market and equip them with the tools they need to be successful when going on their next interview, thirty winners will receive a free brand-name interview suit outfit (valued at $400.00), a session with a top stylist, and an interview coaching session. Winners can take part in the live training session at the SYMS Suit Camp in New York City or virtually tune in, via Skype. The interview coach will offer tips and personal training to help prepare job seekers for their next big interview, and the stylist will assist the winners in picking out the “right suit,” along with providing fashion advice and tips.

Those seeking employment can fill out a sweepstakes application either in-store or online from July 29 through September 2. Online entries will extend until September 19, 2009.

 Fill out the online application and keep your fingers crossed!


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