Downtown Houston Walking Tour

IMG_1349 I thought it was a shame that I had never hopped on the Metro Lightrail.  I can’t claim that I hopped off more enlightened, but at least now when I get complaints about the train, I’ll have a better understanding of how it works, where to buy tickets, etc.

The ride was part of a downtown walking tour I took with my husband on Sunday.  Just download the podcast, drive over to Discovery Green, put your earbuds in and follow along.

I was born and raised in Houston… but still managed to learn a thing or two. Do you know which building is the oldest commercial building in Houston? Do you what is there now?  You will if you take IMG_1350the tour. It was fun and free.  I grabbed a matchbook from Warren’s Inn, one of the oldest bars in Houston. I’d like to go back when I can sit for a while.

We actually took the walking tour because our Port of Houston tour was cancelled at the last minute.  Mechanical issues (translated: The boat broke down). That’s a free tour too.  I’m on a kick, albeit a somewhat nerdy one. Why not take advantage of all of these little known tours and services around town? I’d also like to kayak down Buffalo Bayou and see Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center.

Let me know if I’m missing out on any cool tours or in-town trips you’ve tried. In the interest of saving a few bucks and getting cheap entertainment- please share!


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