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Q: My question is on “Free annual credit report.” See advertising all the time encouraging people to check status of their credit…AND…one annual report is FREE.  I have tried all three credit bureaus in attempt to get my “free” annual report. No matter how you navigate through their procedure, you always come up to giving a credit card number. Obviously,they DO charge.

What gives???? Why can’t we get our “annual free credit report???”

Thanks…..Love your segments.


A: There are a ton of “pay” sites out there that try to pass themselves off as the free site.

What you’re looking for is annualcreditreport. You can also read all about how to make the request and other details on the Federal Trade Commission’s website.

Q: My question is what is the 2008 energy relief plan that tara energy has on bill statement. Nobody else seems to know what it is.                                                                 Jorge


A:  Tara Energy says the “2008 Energy Relief Plan” is a plan that was created in June 2008 specifically for customers who were on varibale rate plans.



You may remember the rates really jumped last year as the price of gas shot up. Tara says it allowed customers who were getting huge bills on the variable rate plans to switch to the 2008 Energy Relief Plan at a fixed rate with no penalty.
If you see “2008 Energy Relief Plan” on your bill, Tara says it means that is the plan that you are on with their company.



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