Home Energy Savings Makeover Finalists Announced!

In tonight’s “Ask Amy” segment, we introduced you to the 10 finalists for the “Home Energy Savings Makeover” by JonesGary on the Air.”  You can catch his show and listen for updates every Saturday on KSEV 700 AM from 2 to 4pm.


Since we told you about the project, several of you have emailed Esquedaquestions on energy efficiency. That topic is right up Gary’s alley.  He has been nice enough to answer those emails you’ve sent me in the last month.  He takes the same kinds of calls on his show each week. ScottSanchez


2 Responses

  1. What is the name of the energy conservation company that does the, I think it was $250.00, diagnosis on your home’s energy readiness, or lack thereof.

    Brian Fader

  2. Hi Brian,

    Direct Energy is doing the energy audit for the family in our story. They say the cost is $250 and you do not have to be a Direct Energy customer.

    Thanks for watching,

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