Is your Car Evacuation Ready?

In case you haven’t heard, we’re already 2 days into hurricane season. Our friends at AAA and HEB helped us with a free car inspection clinic today at the HEB Plus store in Pearland.

After you check your oil, tires, belts and hoses, AAA says you should go through the checklist below to make sure you have all of the tools you need packed in the trunk.



  • CELL PHONE – The most valuable emergency tool you can have. Police, fire, ambulance, and AAA Emergency Road Service are only a call away.

  • JACK & SPARE TIRE – Don’t forget to check your spare’s air pressure once in a while.

  • LUG WRENCH Try the factory lug wrench, if it’s not easy to use buy a good one.

  • WHEEL CHOCKS Wood or plastic to wedge under tires to keep car from rolling when changing a tire.

  • FLASHLIGHT Don’t forget to replace batteries regularly, or get one that has a built in charger.

  • TRIANGULAR REFLECTORS Or highway light sticks can help prevent a tragic accident.

  • JUMPER CABLES Get good ones with a minimum 6-gauge copper wire and 12 ft. long.

  • TOOL KIT Include these basic items: pliers, screwdrivers (flat & Phillips tips), socket set, duct tape, electrical tape, assortments of fuses, bulbs, and clamps, a knife, and some mechanics wire.

  • FIRE EXTINGUISHER A good, dry chemical, multi-purpose will last a long time.

  • EXTRA OIL & WATER – A gallon of water or a quart of oil can be the difference between being stuck or getting to a safe place.

  • MONEY – If your wallet gets stolen, $20 (or more) tucked away in a safe place could mean food, gasoline, etc., when you really need it.

  • PERSONAL SAFETY ITEMS – Don’t forget your medicines in case you find yourself away from home overnight. A small first aid kit and a blanket can come in handy too.



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