From the Fast Food Files…

KFCHave you heard the buzz about the KFC free grilled chicken meal coupon? Apparently Kentucky Fried Chicken had the coupon posted on its website where anyone could print it out and take it down to a KFC for a free meal. After Oprah told her audience about the deal, too many people wanted to cash in.

I saw this spot on TV over the weekend.  Then hours later, when I went to grab some Taco Bell at a Taco Bell/ KFC/Pizza Hut restaurant… I saw this sign in the window at the drive-thru.  Funny story here… I told my husband I wanted to take a picture for this blog.  He IMG_0584took the camera (since he was in the driver seat) and snapped a photo.  The employee at the window said, “Sir, you really shouldn’t do that.”  To which my husband said something like, “If you don’t want people to see it or take pictures, you probably shouldn’t post the sign in the window.” 

Smooth Move since we were still waiting on our food!

Anyway… the good news is you can still get the free meal if you already have the coupon… but you’ll have to wait.  It seems KFC is going to issue the rain checks on different dates so customers don’t try to redeem them all at the same time.   

IMG_0580Last week, I was in the drive thru at McDonald’s and noticed they are cracking down on sauce.  Tough times when you have to post an official policy 🙂


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  1. You and that nutty hubby of yours crack me up! I think you should do a “Real Life with Amy and Joel” blog just to relay your day to day activities. Love the serious stuff, but (man!) the rest of the stories are hilarious! 🙂 Keep ’em comin’!

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