Consumer Takes Sears to Court over Black Friday Ad

I couldn’t believe what I read in the Consumerist earlier this month.

The article says a woman in St. Louis woke up at the crack of dawn the Friday after Thanksgiving to get an amazing deal Sears was advertising in its Black Friday ad. But when she got to the store, a salesman told her they had sold out of the Kenmore front-loading washer and dryer set on sale for just $599.sears-page-11

I found the ad scan still online.

Sears told customers they could still pay for the set, but it would take 30 days for delivery. Most customers took Sears up on the offer.  But 4 months later, customers were still waiting on their purchase.

Check out the email Evelyn Kane from Katy sent me on January 10, 2009:

“We purchased a Kenmore washer and dryer which was on sale the day after Thanksgiving.   A 12/15/08 delivery date was given at that time.  Sears called in early December and said the manufacturer couldn’t supply enough to meet demand and they needed to reschedule the delivery.  They would not offer a substitute washer and dryer.  The delivery was rescheduled for 2/28/09.  We have now received our credit card statement and have been charged for a washer and dryer that we won’t receive for a couple months (if we are lucky).  We are not going to pay for something this expensive before receiving it.  We have filed a complaint with Sears Customer Service, without any luck.  Sears has said they will not be responsible for interest charges.  If they re-ring the sale we won’t get the origninal sale price and the delivery date will be even later.   Even with supply problems, Sears still was advertising the same washer and dryer a week or two ago.  Is there anything you can do to help resolve this matter?”

At the time, I spoke with a consumer attorney who told me that since the Kanes could get a refund and be done with the hassle, they really didn’t suffer any damages.

Apparently a Judge in St. Louis disagreed.

When I checked back with the Kanes a couple of weeks ago, Evelyn told me Sears delivered the washer and dryer in late March!


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