iPhone Fallout

iphoneLast night we aired a segment about 2 consumers whose iPhones stopped working. When they took the pricey devices into the Apple store, Apple employees (aka “geniuses”) told them a moisture sensor on their phones had been tripped causing the phones to malfunction.

I’ve received quite a few emails on the subject in the last 12 hours… some of them with information that could help you if you find yourself in a similar sticky… uh… humid situation.

I’m posting some of the messages here:

“This happened to my wife’s phone. After she got a new one I took a small wire brush and cleaned off the copper connections and the phone works perfect. Something the Apple Geniuses or the ATT stores will not tell you is an easy fix.”
Amy, just saw your report on iPhone issues. I’ve been a iPhone user for over 1 year and I love it. I would suggest other to invest into screen protectors and Otterbox Defender/Armor cases to protect their phones. Also, AT&T offers phone insurance as well.
I am on my 3rd iPhone. Moisture ruined the first 2 and I was told the same thing by the Apple Store in the Galleria.

SUGGESTION …my second experience (3rd iPhone) ….of course I had to get a new phone immediately because of business reasons (I do like the iPhone but am as frustrated as others with the moisture thing) ….those who have contacted you ….have them place the iPhone in a container of RICE ….this did not work on my first one …but 3 weeks after I purchased 3rd one (I had placed my iPhone in rice shortly after it fell in the iced tea) ….the phone started working again. You might pass this information along to those who contact you.”                                        Randall

“Can you please add my name to that list of people who has complaints.  I bought an i-phone for my daughter for Christmas.  She has to use an earpiece to talk through it because it just stopped working.    She went to the Apple Store in the Galleria and they told her that it was a problem with moisture and there was nothing that they could do about it.  Apple should fix the problem and give a replacement phone to all the users.   I thought it was just us until I heard your story last night.   I hope that problem gets more air time so that Apple is forced to take care of their customers.  They have made millions of dollars but they don’t want to take responsibility for the problem.

Please let me know who I can write at Apple and we can start a campaign.  I just hate poor customer service and this is where this falls.  Shame on them!!”                      Theresa


Where should I go for some satisfaction about the apple iphone/moisture issue? We bought our son a 16 Mb iphone for Christmas and we bought the Protection Care Kit. He is an Army Ranger, home on a pre-deployment leave, and his phone does not work. I took it to the Memorial City Apple store and the very first thing the rep did was to look in the ear phone plug. She showed me that the phone had been water damaged. My son assures me that the phone was never submerses or in contact with water sources. The only thing that he could remember was that it was on the counter at a movie theatre where a small amount of coke had been spilled. All that Apple would say is” sorry, it happens all of the time. The warranty is voided as water damage is considered abuse.  All you can do is to buy a new iphone at the FULL RETAIL PRICE.”  And that is pretty much what our son had to do. Of course, he lost all of the Applications, music, etc that he had downloaded and hoped to use during his overseas service (Can we possibly imagine that that was free?)

Are you being contacted by other angry consumers like myself, looking for some remedy other than buy another phone at full retail price since you are locked into a two year agreement with ATT?

Thanks for the help and for your coverage of the issue.”                      Janice 

“I had a problem with the Apple Touch IPOD.  The screen breaks very easily, just by being in your pocket.  There is no warning and they offer no solution and you cannot get just the screen fixed.  You are forced to buy a new IPOD.”           Bobby

 “Just an FYI: You can insure your cell phone with a special item addon to your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance.”                                                                    Susan 


And lastly, I’ve got a link you may want to add to your favorites. David Martin writes a blog for CNET, theapple go-to source for all things electronic. He has covered the iPhone and this exact moisture issue for months.


OK… that’s a wrap for this post.  I will be out of the office for a few days, so if you want to share your iPhone  thoughts, comments or tips, please post a “comment” by clicking on the  “No Comment” link at the end of this post.









2 Responses

  1. iphone is the best phone that i have ever seen. now i am using it and i am happy.

  2. I just saw your segment about the moisture issues with the Apple iPhone.

    On a side note that you referred to in your story…

    I have worked with the manufacture and support of computers since 1979.

    NEVER, I repeat NEVER, use ANY TYPE of WIRE ANYTHING on any type of Electronics!! It WILL damage the electronics, probably irreparably – it WILL most certainly void any warranty you might have.

    What I think the gentleman, that you were referring to, was trying to do was remove oxidation from the brass ‘keys’. The best way to do that is to ‘erase’ any keys or access points with a Pink Pearl (only this type) eraser, if necessary. Although, you do NOT want to have the eraser shavings INSIDE the device. If you were to talk to any personal computer support personnel about this, it would be the same as removing/inserting a PC Card from the card slot in a PC repeatedly to remove oxidation there.

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