Mikey definitely does NOT like it!

One Spring mom wrote me after she opened her toddler’s Gerber ready-made pasta shells to find black mold inside. She sent me this picture and wanted to know where to report the problem.


She had already called Gerber. She wrote:

“They are going to send me a return envelope to be sent to the lab. My concern is whether they will inform me of the lab results and how many other batches have been contaminated. And who else should I inform to make moms aware?”

I referred her to the Food & Drug Administration’s Consumer Complaint Coordinator. The phone number is (214) 253-5200 ext. 5233. You will get a voice mail. Leave a message and someone will call you back. 

The FDA may ask you to send them pictures, info. and/ or a portion of the tainted product as well. You can ask the FDA to please get back with you on their findings. Be sure to get a tracking # for your case so that you (or we) can follow up with them to find out what was discovered.

We’ll follow up to find out what, if any, information she gets back from the FDA and Gerber. In the meantime, she told me she purchased the Gerber product at the Kroger at 8745 Spring Cypress near the first of March.  The batch number is 00577 82845183, exp. 10 Jan at 12.17.


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