Too Much of a Good Thing…

Ok… so you’ve paid for a membership at Sam’s or Costco.  But don’t assume that everything is a better deal at the discount warehouses.  At 10, we mentioned some of the best buys at Sam’s and Costco, and then some items you can save more money on elsewhere.

Here are some others we couldn’t fit into the broadcast version of the story:

Costco’s meat is a great deal according to the author of a “Smart Money” article.
Top-notch butcher-shop quality meets supermarket prices.”
Paper Goods
The same article lists paper goods as not such a good buy at Costco.  We found that Sam’s Club paper products were cheaper, but Costco’s price was lower than Kroger’s.  You should remember, though, that are some pretty good coupons out there for toilet paper and paper towels that are doubled and tripled at most grocery stores.
They say Milk, Butter and eggs are always good deals at Costco.  We only looked at milk in our comparison.  It was very close between all 3 stores, Sam’s, Costco and Kroger (.019 per oz. at Sam’s & Costco and  .023 at Kroger).
Consumer Reports did a very comprehensive survey in 2007.
I want your questions or helpful comments for other shoppers. We plan to use them in our “Ask Amy” segment Monday night at 10.
Have a great weekend!

4 Responses

  1. Sam’s does not take everything back like reported – I once bought several bottles of unfamiliar wine that were priced well, but tried to return the unopened bottles the next day. I was told by at least 2 people in the store that they don’t accept alcohol returns. It was an expensive mistake as the wine was really bad. Apparently being a member for over 20 years with very little return history also had carried no weight with management.

  2. Sam’s does not accept all returns as reported – they do not accept returns of alcohol (I tried to return unopened wine w/in 24 hours of purchase).

  3. Although Sam’s may fix your flats for free as a member. Any tires purchased at Sam will only be serviced (including road hazard warranty) over the life of the tire as long as your membership is maintained.

    In effect you must maintain your $40 per year membership in order to get tire service or warranty adjustments. Whereas most other tire dealers include life-time service as part of the initial purchase price, Walmart included. Ex. I purchased Sam’s tires for my son’s car. While he was away at college he had a tire problem. He was told by his local Sam’s club he would have to join( pay $40) in order for them to adjust out the damaged tire, even though he had the original Sam’s receipt showing the tires had only been purchased 8 months earlier by me and the car was titled in my name, and my membership was in good standing. No this wasn’t an isolated case, in fact I took the issue to corporate customer service, they acknowledged this was in fact their policy, but offered to provide an exception by refunding the membership fee my son was forced to pay.

  4. I wasn’t able to see your Friday night news cast. Would you please list the ten best and worst things to purchase at Sam’s Club and Costco on your blog. I’m sure I am not the only one who wanted to get this information, but couldn’t due to prior commitments.

    Thank You,


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