Dismantling a Dealership

I wish I could post court documents for you to read here. Unfortunately the blog service won’t let me.

I was reading through the hundreds of pages of court records filed in the bankruptcy case since last September, when I came across a letter a Rosenberg man wrote to the Alabama bankruptcy Judge.

It was that letter that I was trying to post here… but was unsuccessful. The man traded in his leased 2004 Chevy Avalanche for a 2008 Avalanche. He owed and paid $21,000. to Bill Heard of Sugar Land. Unfortunately the 2004 was sold even though Bill Heard never had possession of the title because it never paid off the truck. The customer has been paying for the 2008 and the 2004 since September.

To add insult to injury, he can’t get the permanent license plates for his new truck either beacuse Bill Heard never paid the taxes on the truck. It costs the customer $25 every month to get new temporary tags.


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