Protect yourself from tickets you don’t deserve

In tonight’s Ask Amy segment, we featured yet another Red Light Camera mix-up.

Christine Tyler got a red light ticket in the mail when someone ran a red light driving a car she hasn’t owned in 5 years. An insurance company gave Tyler a payment to replace the car when she was involved in a car accident. She hasn’t seen the car since. 

If you sell or trade in your car, the new owner is responsible for transferring the title; but it is in your best interest to fill out a Texas Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification.  Filling out the form and mailing it to the Texas Department of Transportation will help protect you from liability should the new owner commit a criminal act in your old car.

For example, if the new owner blasts through a toll booth without paying, when the Toll Road Authority runs the license plate and it’s still registered to you, you will get the ticket.  If you’ve already filled out a Vehicle Transfer Notification, the Toll Road Authority will see the transfer on the vehicle’s record.  You will have an easier time convincing them it wasn’t you behind the wheel.   

If you get a red light camera citation for a vehicle that you no longer own, you should follow the instructions on the citation.  You will need to fill out a “Declaration of Non-Liability.” The folks in Arizona at the 1-800 # on your ticket will tell you where to send that form. 

And I hate to have to say this… but Good Luck!


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