Repeat after me: Promo Code

Now don’t buy anything without one!

Seriously, if you haven’t heard of promo codes, you’re missing out on significant savings.  You know when you buy things online and you see the spot for a promo code or an offer code. It usually looks something like this:


I even used a promo code when I signed up with a new energy company recently.

Let’s say you want to buy a cute sweater you saw in a Victoria Secret catalog. Just google “Victoria Secret promo code.”  I just did it and found that typing “BUYVS” in the promo code spot at checkout will get you $15 off a $100 or more order.

There are a slew on the web. I recently found a promo code for Baby’s R Us. A co-worker registered for a pricey baby monitor.  With a 20% promo code, it was within my budget. Then who looks like the big spender?

Just remember, wherever you’re shopping, before checkout… go to google, type in the store name and then the words “promo code.”

Happy Shopping!


One Response

  1. Fatwallet and Slickdeals are great resources for coupons and codes.

    Fatwallet also offers cash back through many online stores. It’s well worth signing up.

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