Denny’s is Grand-Slammed!

This never happens to me, but I woke up this morning at about 4am and I couldn’t go back to sleep. 

 I folded laundry, watched TV and then decided to just get ready for work. I was so early I thought I should check out Denny’s on my way in.

The pictures above were taken at about 7:15am.  Denny’s started serving free “Grand Slams” at 6am. They’ll continue through 2pm today. The chain made the announcement in a commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

A lot of people wonder why. It’s not like Denny’s stands to make a huge profit off of the coffee morning munchers will likely order along with their Grand Slam. 

Then yesterday I totally got it.

palmer20hestleyKPRC Local 2 Sports producer Palmer Hestley told me that he stopped by Denny’s for lunch on MONDAY. What? If he’d have waited just one day, he could’ve had a free meal! Palmer said you’d have to pay him to wait in line today for one of those Grand Slams. And I am sure there are many Palmers out there… who were sucked into Denny’s days before or will be drawn in days after the deal just because of all of the talk.  Can’t you just smell the pancake syrup? Now that’s good advertising!


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