Speed Traps Revealed

red-lightTonight’s “Ask Amy” focused on a glitch in Houston’s Red Light Camera program. 

Eileen Donevant ran a red light at Westheimer & 610 back in December. But she did it because a Houston Police officer directing traffic told her to. Unfortuantely, the red light camera caught her SUV pulling out into the intersection, but it didn’t show the officer to the far right.

HPD says officers directing traffic are supposed to notify the red light camera department to let them know the dates, times and areas where they are advising motorists to disregard the lights.  In Donevant’s case, clearly that didn’t happen.

Along that same vein, I’d thought I’d share a pretty cool website with you. speedtrap1of

Speedtrap.org lists thousands of speed traps across the country. It’s updated by drivers just like you who were caught, almost caught or just want to make sure others aren’t caught.

When you get to the site, click on “Texas.” The cities are grouped together for the most part, but they don’t seem to be in any particular order.

Of you’re looking for Houston, the speed trap entries start on page 102 and go through part of page 115.

And strange… but true. On page 24, there is apparently a speed trap in Sachse, TX on Billingsley Street. Now all we need is for Bill to drive through town to get in on the action.




Here are some other places you might be looking for:

Page 115- Conroe, Montgomery County

 Page 119- Humble, Kingwood

Page 120- Tomball, Magnolia

Page 123- Bellaire

Page 62- Woodville

Disclaimer: I am in no way suggesting speeding is acceptable. You should always drive carefully and safely.


One Response

  1. Excellent work, Amy!

    Citizens are very greatful for this type of work by the media, exposing the loopholes and civilian traps in which everyday persons can be caught. If it were not for public assistance from dedicated workers like those at KPRC, it is likely that Ellen would have had to eat that ticket, and local police would be able to continue with such random, under-the-table, fundraisers on the backs of citizens. Thank you for this news!

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